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The second-half of your e-mail address is far more important for the long-term growth of your business than you could ever imagine. A large percentage of your customers make snap judgments about your professionalism, your experience and even the capabilities of your brand, just by looking at your e-mail.

Having a unique brand domain name gives you a more professional image and assures you customers that your business is genuine. This leads them to trust you more, connect with you better and build long-term relationships.


GMI & Email Hosting

For the past 23 Years, we have been delivering cutting-edge web solutions and server management services to some of the leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India We provide robust email hosting solutions through two leaders in the business - Rackspace and Google.

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We can offer you secure, stable and reliable email addresses for your entire business based on your own domain name (e.g., without the need for any complex hardware, software or infrastructural installations.

E-mail Hosting Services We Provide

  • G Suite and Rackspace support
  • Technical support to configure e-mail clients
  • 99.9% uptime, supported by built-in failure recovery systems
  • You control everything you manage: data, users, docs, and services
  • Premium security with two-factor authentication
  • Accessible on mobile phones and other handheld devices: iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry

An exclusive e-mail identity to get noticed and get conversions
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A Professional Email Identity is Just What Your Brand Needs to Stand Out, Declare Itself and Engage Your Clients


For potential customers, your e-mail address forms their first impression of you. No business or client will take you seriously if you do not have a dedicated business address.

In fact, your painstakingly researched and carefully-phrased business e-mail might even end up being ignored or treated as spam, just because you don’t have a dedicated e-mail address.
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Having your brand name spelled out through the second half of your e-mail address lends you a remarkable amount of credibility and professionalism.

A Unique E-mail Hosting System Can Power the Growth of Your Brand

  • Improved Brand Image

    This is one of the greatest advantages of having a dedicated business domain name in the second half of your e-mail address. It results in increased trust and credibility and leads customers to believe that you are a robust, established business that can deliver exemplary and professional results. A unique business domain name also contributes to improved branding, exposure and memorability for your business. Don’t let an e-mail address stand in the way of growth.
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  • Secure

    Premium e-mail services come with tons of anti-spam and antivirus features that help you safeguard your communications from unauthorized access. For further security, you can also configure your infrastructure to be accessed through secure VPS hosting facilities.

  • Incredible Return-on-Investment

    While it is hard to imagine an e-mail address contributing to your profits, the truth is that if you compare the cost of getting a premium e-mail account with the number of business opportunities that you might miss out on because your e-mail identity doesn't exude professionalism, it's easy to see that the profits far out outweigh the cost.

  • Feature Filled

    Running a premium e-mail server lends you access to lots of advanced features that help you easily manage and sort your e-mail. This means features like unlimited space, multiple device synchronization and calendar and contacts integration. You will also have access to personalized services and on-hand technical support without any added charges. Get your own high-powered e-mail today.
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