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Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for brands that have outgrown their shared hosting provisions, but don’t yet have the resources, the technical support or even the need to implement dedicated hosting servers.

Cloud hosting connects a network of physical servers to create a massive virtual server space that offers businesses nearly unlimited space and the same performance as you would expect from dedicated hosting, but with the cost efficiency of a shared hosting plan.


GMI & Cloud Hosting

As a leading web solutions provider in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has been working with national and international brands operating across these regions, to help them integrate cutting edge hosting technologies into their existing web infrastructure.

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We maintain a strategic alliance with Rackspace (an industry-leader in hybrid hosting) to bring you world-renowned and reliable cloud hosting services across the board. Backed by Rackspace’s promise of Fanatical Support and supported by over a 21 Years’ worth of web development experience from GMI, you’re in safe hands.


Cloud Hosting Services We Provide

  • Enhanced customization at low costs
  • Load balancing
  • Cloud control panel access
  • Reliable security and backup options
  • 24/7/365 Fanatical Support
  • Demand-driven scaling
  • Minimal downtime
  • Easy migration from the existing infrastructure

Next-gen cloud hosting solutions to power your business
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Robust Hosting Solutions that Expand to Fit Your Enormous Ambitions


Easily scaled to your requirements, Cloud Hosting is perfect for websites, mobile sites or social media apps that require instant increases in power or bandwidth, without having to resort to expensive hardware and software alternatives.

The data is spread across multiple data centers. This delivers increased reliability and security in case any of these was to become compromised due to natural or unnatural factors.
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Cloud hosting is a powerful, cost-effective solution that empowers brands with the resources and web space they need to initiate the essential processes that lead to realizing long term organizational goals.

Build Your Brand With a Powerful Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

  • More Reliability

    Unlike shared hosting or dedicated hosting, which involves a single server to be used commonly among many businesses or exclusively by a single entity, cloud hosting is realized by a large set of servers being used concurrently. Sometimes it connects multiple sets of servers, established at different data centers to create this entity. This means that even if there is an error or damage to the servers at one location, it does not lead to site-wide downtime, since the website will still have access to resources on the other servers in the network. A robust, reliable cloud hosting infrastructure.
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  • Flexibility

    Cloud hosting services like Rackspace are highly flexible and auto-scalable to meet real-time business requirements. These implementations can be further customized to deliver optimal results for the evolving needs of growing businesses.

  • Cost Effective

    Cloud hosting services are usually charged like utilities and responsive to increasing demands. This means that, though there are always extra resources available for when there is a sudden rise in traffic, you will never be charged for the unused space, but only that which you use. This allows you to plan and manage your hosting budget much more efficiently.

  • Security

    The network of servers used to build a cloud hosting entity is usually housed in large scale data centers and guarded by round-the-clock physical and software security. This means that your data is as secure as it can be. Secure, expandable cloud hosted infrastructure.
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