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Dedicated Hosting


Whether you're a new business or an old one, there is nothing like operating out of your own offices. Dedicated hosting is something like that. As opposed to shared hosting, where you share server space with other brands, opting for dedicated hosting means that you either lease a server entirely for yourself or set up one up in-house. This gives you a sense of belonging, an unrestrained means of online business development, the safety, reliability and customizability that comes with owning your own servers.

Businesses of all sizes should seriously consider dedicated hosting both as a means of supporting growth and as an investment into their future.


GMI & Dedicated Hosting

For the past 21 Years, we have been providing cutting-edge web solutions and server management services to some of the leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India. Working with some of the most popular internet technologies today right from their infancy, we have helped hundreds of businesses streamline their online presence.

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This experience and the unparalleled expertise of our technical and creative teams affords us extraordinary insights into the selecting the best infrastructure and framework needed to achieve your unique business goals.


Dedicated Hosting Services We Provide

  • Strategic alliance with leading hosting providers like Rackspace, GoDaddy, Windows Azure, and Amazon
  • Secure hardening of servers, based on the requirement
  • DNS management service
  • Choice of both Windows and Linux servers
  • Database support for MySQL and MS-SQL
  • Full control for the server
  • Plesk control panel access
  • Managed backup and recovery
  • Data migration from the existing system
  • 24/7 technical support

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A Personal Space for Your Brand to Grow, Build, Connect and Achieve


Dedicated hosting ensures that your online assets are truly your own and are located inside an estate that you own.

This gives you a remarkable amount of space and freedom to grow, unrestrained by disk space or bandwidth, delivering improved accessibility even through large amounts of incoming traffic, with very little downtime.
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Dedicated hosting ensures that your business has the flexibility and control to manage its daily affairs, implement security attributes and optimize transactions without relying on others in your network.

Dedicated Hosting Can Contribute to a More Productive Online Presence

  • More Reliability

    You don't have to worry about access to your website getting clogged up because of congestion in the server. Dedicated hosting also ensures almost 100% uptime and reliability from the website, especially because you are not competing for resources like CPU and bandwidth with others. Should anything go wrong with the server, you would have access to more exclusive and efficient fail-safes and technical assistance. A robust space for your to conduct your business.
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  • Enhanced Customization

    Since you get total and absolute control over your server space, you can customize it according to your specific needs and requirements. This form of personalized server management lets you tweak and change server loads and resources as per different requirements. This allows you to achieve true productivity.

  • Improved Security

    Businesses operating dedicated servers have much more freedom at implementing firewalls and security best practices to ensure that their transactions and databases are beyond unauthorized access. This improved security contributes to the overall image and long term financial goals of the brand.

  • Expandability

    Dedicated hosting also ensures that brands have the ability to grow and expand their services as and when they please, with remarkable ease. This is because you are not sharing space and resources with any other entity, who might have a say over how far you can extend. This kind of expandability is important to achieve the business development goals of any brand. Make sure your brand is ready for growth.
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