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Joomla Development

Joomla is one of the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, powerful, robust, versatile and extendable content management systems in the market, and inspires a following from some of the biggest global brands and government agencies in the world.

It is an open source player that has fought its way to the head of the CMS race on the strength of its virtually unlimited capabilities and an active and enthusiastic community that supports it passionately.


GMI & Joomla

As a leading web design and development agency in the UAE, Middle East and India, for the past 23 Years GMI has been forefront in adopting and experimenting with new technologies that offer brands improved business capabilities.

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Through these years, our expert teams have gained remarkable insights into the intricacies of powerful platforms like Joomla, and are highly adept at harnessing them to offer you web solutions that are years ahead of your competitors.


Joomla Development Services We Offer

At GMI, we have a remarkably talented team of developers and designers who have many years of experience at successfully harnessing the extraordinary strengths of the Joomla CMS to create smart, fluid, elegant and secure websites that deliver engaging, efficient online windows for businesses to connect with their customers, while realizing the growth of their business.

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Outstanding, Innovative Easy-Management Websites That Deliver Results


Of the many CMS alternatives available in the market, Joomla is an award-winning solution that delivers unparalleled results, yet retains its primary objective as an easy interface for website owners to realise creative visions over their online presence.

This easy-to-use, easy to design platform offers remarkable data integrity, compatibility, versatility and robustness, realized through a strong infrastructure built using PHP and MySQL.
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The Joomla CMS software empowers website owners to easily manage, store, journal and display the content on a website without relying on external help or extensive programming knowledge.

Ignite the Growth of Your Brand With a Joomla Business Website

  • Easy to Install and Use

    Installing the Joomla CMS is a very simple download-and-install process. Joomla is also a very easy platform to work with, and requires very little technical and coding knowledge to operate. It comes with a remarkable number of features and extensions and is supported by a very helpful community of users.
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  • Expandable, Customisable and Flexible

    The Joomla CMS offers developers thousands of themes, templates and plugins. So whether you're trying to vary the look and feel of the website to meet your customer's requirements or trying to add more modules and functionality, Joomla lets you do this with very little effort. Of course, the themes and plugins can be further edited to bring a next level of customization to the website.

  • Better SEO Support

    Joomla has tons of SEO-friendly features built into it, like URL optimization and support for meta-keywords and meta-descriptions. Thanks to this, Joomla makes it possible for you to implement your SEO strategies alongside your development process, saving you a lot of time, money and effort.

  • Open Source

    Joomla is not managed by a company or a brand, but an active community of passionate users. This makes Joomla an evolving ecosystem that draws on the creative genius of developers from around the world. This also means better support, advice and solutions, realized directly from developers and designers through a vibrant network of educative forums and discussion boards. We can help you exploit the powerful capabilities of the Joomla CMS.
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