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Lead Management Solutions

A lead management solution is the bedrock of any organization - providing clarity and efficient management to the most important business processes, and playing a direct role in realizing the critical objectives of the enterprise.

They can be godsend for business leaders struggling to effectively manage leads, customer enquiries, and sales processes, enabling them to translate these seamlessly into successful business development efforts.


GMI & Lead Management Solutions

As a leading web solutions and digital marketing agency, working with national and international brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India, we understand the importance of efficient lead management for the overall growth and future of the organization.

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With over 21 Years of experience in supporting leading global brands in their growth by automating management tasks within organizations, we are uniquely positioned to help you adopt customized lead management solutions that are highly receptive and inclusive of your unique needs and goals.

Lead Management System Integration Services We Offer

To integrate the most efficient and capable lead management system for your organization, we pool together the unmatched experience and expertise of our analytics, marketing, web solutions, creative and technical teams to offer you highly customized and relevant solutions that are tailor-made for your organization and support you in achieving your fundamental objectives.

We use your existing infrastructure to design, build and integrate efficient lead management systems that are squarely aimed at improving your revenue, marketing processes, organizational efficiency and productivity.

Streamline your sales processes with a lead management solution
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An Efficient Lead Management System Ignites Your Most Relevant Revenue Streams


Leads, at their simplest, are customers that show any form of interest in your products or services. Leads can be generated from sources like website landing pages, contact forms, direct customer meetings, presentations, pitches, seminars and much more.

But no matter the number of leads you generate or the sources you generate them from, none of it is of any value if these leads are not efficiently indexed, assigned, followed-up and reported.
Don’t let your leads go to waste.

A lead management solution delivers a single window solution to automate, manage and allocate all the tasks involved in handling a lead, from start to sale, and even beyond.

Integrate a Lead Management Solution to Start Building Your Brand

  • Automated Tasks

    The major advantage of lead management solutions is the ability to automate the various processes that go into handling a lead, from its inception to making the sale, freeing up resources and bothering managers and business leaders for only the most pertinent decisions.
    Implement automated management for your leads today.

  • Smarter Allotment

    Managers can use a lead management solution to optimally assign specific leads to resources who might be best placed in experience and expertise to handle it most optimally. Not only does this lead to better results, but also more satisfaction among employees, who feel that their unique talents are being appropriately utilized.

  • Collation

    An efficient lead management solution can be used to collate all the leads generated from a variety of sources like websites, contact forms, face-to-face interactions, presentations, and seminars under an efficient database - enabling easy action and follow up.

  • More Efficient Sales Pipeline

    Thanks to lead management solutions, managers and business leaders get more access and control over the sales process. This frees them up for tasks that are most relevant for organizational growth, ensuring improved decision-making and that no productive lead is ever wasted due to mismanagement.

  • Reports and Renovation

    Lead management solutions come built with automatic analysis tools that offer you timely reports on the status of specific leads and actions taken by corresponding resources. This information can be used to get a better idea about the overall efficiency of the sales force and sales processes, and then improve these accordingly.
    Kickstart your renovation process right away.

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