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Native Advertising


As one of the first digital marketing companies in the UAE, GMI has been partnering with global and regional brands in the Middle East and India for 23 Years. Our team has pioneered the use of disruptive technologies and mediums for online media in the Middle East. One of these techniques is native advertising.

We use native advertising as a part of our content marketing strategy to promote your brand in a non-disruptive manner through high-quality content that fits seamlessly into the user’s experience.


GMI & Programmatic Media Buying

As a digital company, our job is to build trust and engagement with your customers, and one of our tools is native advertising. It provides a way for businesses to reach people in this information-heavy space, without being pushy.

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In this age of content saturation, consumers want a subtle, more relevant approach to advertising. Our experts deliver this through quality paid content that meets the highest standards of publication while solving the needs of your customers.


Native Advertising Services We Offer

We offer full-fledged native advertising services for businesses in the Middle East and India, including branded content, sponsored content, in-stream ads, video ads, sponsored posts and promoted tweets.

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The Importance of Going Native


It can be infuriating to have an ad pop up in the middle of your browsing experience. In an age when consumers are rejecting in-your-face advertisements, highly targeted native ads are a great way to build brand awareness and gift useful content to your audience at the same time.

Good content is more shareable than banner ads or popups, which means native ads have a better chance of audience exposure. Get the benefits of native advertising for your brand.
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Unlike overt advertisements, chances of exposure for native ads are equal to that of editorial content, which mean equal opportunities for going viral.

Ads That Are Worth Sharing

  • Gets More Attention

    With too much information and little time, we ignore ads almost by reflex. In this situation, the biggest advantage of native ads is that they subtly draw and engage the reader without distracting or disrupting the browsing experience.
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  • Has More Relevance

    Results happen when brands tailor their content and ads to the platform where their audience hangs out. Native ads are a fine way to increase shareability, brand exposure and access to new audiences within the target market.

  • Is More Helpful

    People don’t look for a product when they go online - they are looking for a solution. Through native advertising, we present brand content that provides valuable and helpful information to your customers.
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