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Insightful Reporting

Smart brands, paying attention to these digital discussions, can gain valuable customer insights about who is saying what about their products and services, keep a track of their campaigns and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

With widespread global digitisation and easy access to new technologies, the internet has transformed into something much more participatory and personal, allowing online platforms and forums to take over from street corners as spaces for people to come together and discuss opinions and experiences.

GMI & Insightful Reporting

GMI has been providing digital marketing and SEO solutions to leading companies in the UAE, Middle East and India for over 23 Years. We have a full-fledged team for Listening in Arabic and English, who use advanced tools like Synthesio, Meltwater Buzz, Radian6 and Brandwatch to gain insights from across the internet.

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We can efficiently and expertly monitor your brand and the conversations surrounding it. The information we gather helps us set the tone of communication and develop content on social media pages and other digital conversations.


Insightful Reporting Services We Provide

  • Social media monitoring for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. for active, relevant conversations and dialogues.
  • Use of listening software like Engagor and Synthesio, wherein keywords are keyed in to conduct searches across the internet.
  • The collected insights are then analysed and transformed into pictorial presentations like pie charts, bar charts, etc. In short, an analytical report is prepared that is then shared with the client to give them a first-hand information on what is happening across the brand’s pages.
  • We are also into crisis monitoring and reporting, wherein we assess the emergency position of the brand.

Comprehensive listening and reporting services that deliver results
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Unparalleled Insights and Understanding About What Your Customers Are Saying About Your Brand


The first step in the evolution of any business is gaining a clearer understanding of the strategies that not working and processes that not contributing to long term organisational goals, and then working to resolve these.

Listening is a continuous effort to understand your customers, their needs and passions and their perceptions of your business, by gathering insights from a variety of sources like blogs, websites, forums, social networks and much more.
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The knowledge and information gained through insightful reporting can be effectively used to customise and revise organisation-wide marketing efforts to deliver better results and sales.

Efficient Listening and Insightful Reporting Can Guide Your Business Strategies

  • Listen to Your Consumers

    Media monitoring can help in extracting information from social networks and online portals about what your target audience requires. You can gain insights on what products or services your consumers need and therefore what would best click in the markets based on people’s preferences. Your customers are talking to you. Make sure you are listening.
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  • Know Your Competition

    Social listening can also help you discern the strategies your competitors are using and introduce your products to the market before they do. This way you have the upper hand and the advantage of pricing products in such a way as to draw more consumers.

  • Pay Attention to Your Prospects

    Social media is a superlative medium that can be effectively used to find out who your potential buyers are. Your prospects may not be paying customers right away, but using the right social listening strategies can help you understand their requirements and work to deliver them.

  • Keep Your Customers Happy

    Social listening gives you feedback on how your existing customers are enjoying the provided services and what you can do to improve their experiences. This kind of proactive support and service improves brand reputation and contributes to building customer loyalty. Happy customers lead to a happier you.
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