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Facebook Advertising Agency in Dubai

Facebook is one of the most influential social media platforms worldwide. 90% of the UAE population are active Facebook users. So if your business is looking to target a large audience in UAE, Facebook advertising is a potent tool. With Facebook advertisements, you can reach out to the right audience, improve brand awareness, increase engagements and boost sales. Our professional Facebook advertising services can help you run effective ad campaigns for all your business needs.

Facebook advertising services allow businesses to target audiences based on several criteria such as user location, demography, education, interests, etc. At Global Media Insight, we leverage this powerful feature to help your business run advertisement campaigns that are impactful. Our creative team is the best at conceptualizing interesting ads that will scale up your digital marketing results.

Why Choose GMI for Facebook Advertising


As an established Facebook ad agency in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East, GMI can give your business an edge over 10 million active advertisers on Facebook. We create all types of Facebook ads, such as images, carousel, collections, slide shows, offers, etc. For every client, we conduct in-depth research of their business, offerings and customers to create value enriched ad propositions.

As your Facebook advertising company, GMI will take care of your Facebook marketing activities, from set-up to management, so that you can focus on running your business. Our campaigns are result-driven and have succeeded in improving the sales of all our clients.


Our Facebook Advertising Services

We, at GMI, have a dedicated team of social media experts who are highly skilled at leveraging Facebook ads for different types of businesses in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. Our Facebook advertising services include

  • Ad campaign planning and setup
  • Deep targeting
  • Innovative ad content creation
  • Implementation of advanced ad technology
  • Pixel tracking code installation
  • A/B testing to find best performing ads
  • Monthly report generation
  • Keyword optimization of content copy
  • Messenger bots installation
  • Implementation of advanced targeting features like lookalike audience and custom audience
  • Retargeting

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Why Advertise on Facebook


9.09 million people in the UAE use Facebook. It has one of the largest and most diverse audience bases among all social media platforms. For every type of business, Facebook will have a suitable audience base. Moreover, you can target audiences with specific personas to reap the best results out of ad campaigns. This makes Facebook the most powerful social media platform to advertise on.

Facebook offers a myriad of ad formats such as Facebook photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, etc. Your business can thus experiment with different ad types on a single platform. This will empower your business to reach out to people with diverse interests effectively. With Facebook advertising services, you get the guarantee of maximum ROI.

Facebook Ads are one of the most effective and cost-efficient advertising channels when they are used with a focused strategy and a clear goal.

Grow Your Market with Facebook Ads

  • Deep Targeting

    Facebook offers extensive targeting capabilities for a tonne of different ad types. By combining different areas of targeting, such as user behaviour, demographics, age ranges, interests, languages, locations and connections, you can effectively target your potential audience without any shady paid clicking services.
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  • Customer Expansion

    Struggling to expand your audience? Facebook will ‘clone’ your audience for you with the “lookalike feature”, by targeting new people who are similar and therefore likely to be interested in your services. You get to define the size and targeting metrics so that your lookalike audience is an accurate reflection of your target user.

  • Tracking and Testing

    Facebook Pixel is a unique code that you can install on your website’s pages. This will help you track a user’s actions when they reach the site from a Facebook Ad, and monitor the conversion process. Facebook also gives advertisers the ability to A/B test their creatives and see which ad performs best, giving you the insights to create campaigns that convert.

  • Remarketing

    With Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature, you can install a snippet of code on your website that places a cookie on the computers of those who visit. This bit sends data to Facebook about which pages were viewed on your site by a particular visitor, enabling you to target that visitor with greater accuracy. Tap into the biggest social network.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need to hire professionals to run Facebook ads?

If you have a Facebook business page, you can create ad campaigns yourself using Facebook Ads Manager. However, hiring professional services can maximize the effectiveness of the ad campaigns as they use analytics, trends identification, target audience study etc. to launch the ads more effectively.

Q) Are there any rules for Facebook ads?

Yes, Facebook has strict advertising policies and offers a set of guidelines that ad content must follow. Every ad is reviewed against these policies and the non-compliant ads are disapproved.

Q) How long does it take for Facebook ads to go live?

Mostly, the ads are reviewed within 24 hours and then made public.

Q) Why should I run Facebook ad campaigns for my business?

Facebook ads have excellent targeting capacities, are inexpensive, and generate quality leads.

Q) On what lines can I target my Facebook audience?

To target your Facebook audience, you have several options like user location, interest, behavior, income, age, gender, job, relationship status, education, life events, etc.

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