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Heat Mapping


Heat mapping is a visual analytics tool developed by Cormac Kinney in the late nineties. Heat maps help a website owner track what a user does with their mouse, and represents that data as a 2D graphic map with the values displayed as colors. Heat maps include hover maps for mouse movement tracking, click maps for mouse clicks, and scroll maps for mouse scroll tracking. Heat map analytics is one our key web analytics services, which helps to analyse the engagement and behaviour of users arriving at your website.

If numbers aren’t your thing, a heat map gives a visual summary of data that’s easy to comprehend.


GMI & Heat Mapping

By tracking the user’s journey in real-time; gathering data about high-performing elements, and getting insight into the ‘why’ of interactions like scrolling patterns and link clicks, our specialists will utilize heat mapping to help you optimize your web design and copy for a high-impact user experience.

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The result? An impressive increase in conversions – from e-commerce sales and form submissions, to video views and downloads. Unlock the power of heat mapping and analytics for your business.


Heat Mapping Services We Offer

While analytics platforms give you data about user actions, it doesn't explain why the actions are taking place. But through in-depth analysis of hover maps, click maps and scroll maps of user activity, we can provide the insights that will shorten your conversion funnel.

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Simple Heat Maps for Smarter UX


Data analytics gives clear insights on the pages that interest visitors the least, and the percentage of visitors that are abandoning the website at key points like landing pages, sign-up forms and checkout. However, it won’t show you which parts of those pages are turning off site visitors or the degree to which users are interacting with a particular element.

Heat mapping as a form of visual analytics can show you exactly where users are engaging with your website and how they interact with a certain element. This helps you identify the key areas that need to be improved and gives you insights on how to design a smarter user experience. Get clearer insights with heat maps.
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Heat maps are a means to analyze your website through the eyes of a potential customer, and uncover its strengths and weak spots.

Refine Your Design with Smarter Heat Maps

  • Streamlined UX

    Good design isn’t cheap, but bad design might cost you your business. Through heat maps for mouse movement tracking, you can take out the distractions, clutter and unsightly elements to produce a clean and effective sales page.
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  • Mind Reading

    User actions, for the most part, are instinctual, which makes it simple to detect patterns. Heat maps function as mind maps by allowing you to see your website through the eyes of a visitor in real time. This helps a brand understand exactly what their customers are looking for, and tweak their web pages accordingly.

  • Site Testing

    Site tests are the backbone of good UX, and heat maps serve this purpose. By testing your site’s navigation and exploring its weaknesses, you get clear information on the places where the design and/or copy could be harming your sales efforts.

  • Optimization Insights

    Because of their visual nature, heat maps are used to provide insight rather than hard data. For this reason, they are a good starting point for optimization research and analysis, and best used in combination with data analytics for conclusive insights. Make the most of these tools to reach your customers.
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