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Programmatic Media Buying


Global Media Insight is the digital partner of leading brands across the UAE, Middle East and India. We help unravel the complex world of online media advertising by using the best and latest tools and technology to grow your business. One of these technologies is programmatic media buying.

Programmatic media buying is the use of technology to automate the ad buying process and optimise it in real time.


GMI & Programmatic Media Buying

As one of the first advertising firms in the Middle East to recognise the potential of digital media, our purpose is to stay ahead of the curve and offer you the best. Programmatic media buying is a buzzword that has been steadily gaining traction among online advertisers, but what does it mean?

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The simple answer - “programmatic” = “automated”. Programmatic media buying automates all of the processes that give an advertiser headaches, provides a fully transparent pricing model, and consolidates data from every campaign across the web into a single platform.


Programmatic Media Buying Services We Offer

As the leading digital advertising firm in the UAE, Middle East and India, we are one of the best providers of this service in these regions. Over the course of sixteen years, we have nurtured deep relationships with publishers across the web. Reap the benefits of our media planning and buying expertise.

Low-Cost, High-Yield Programmatic Buys
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Why Programmatic Media Matters


Previously, serving ads was a slow and tedious process with numerous steps including intensive research, negotiation and re-negotiation with publishers. Due to multiple ad inventories and audience fragmentation, marketers had to monitor and cross-check fragmented data from scattered sources individually.

Programmatic media buying eliminates the manual labour through automated, real-time bidding and optimisation strategies. It gives the ability to buy digital media efficiently, as well as more accurate targeting.
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Programmatic technology reduces your marketing costs, unifies your analytics and establishes a transparent marketplace for media buyers.

Transform your marketing efforts with programmatic media

  • Data Consolidation

    Consumer interactions happen on different devices and channels at multiple times throughout the day - this generates an overwhelming amount of data at every stage. Programmatic technology helps consolidate this data from customer interactions across various channels into a single dashboard.
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  • High Performance

    With automation, multiple ways to buy (including real-time bidding and static bidding) and targeting options, marketers can advertise with precision, increase the relevancy of their ads, make campaigns live quicker and perform adjustments on the go.

  • Bigger Savings

    Marketers gain unmatched access to ad inventory and publishers worldwide for websites, mobile, video and social media, at the best possible prices. By reducing the amount of human labour needed in the media-buying process, it reduces costs even more.
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