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Programmatic Advertising Service in Dubai


Programmatic Advertising helps you automate the process of buying display space and optimizing your ads. You can boost ad viewability rates by around 70%, besides precise targeting, improved reach and real-time measurement.

GMI has over two decades of experience in offering innovative digital solutions to businesses in the UAE, the Middle East and India. We combine our expertise with the latest technologies to create customised programmatic campaigns that deliver actual results.


GMI & Programmatic Advertising

The online advertising experts at GMI make use of smart technologies to completely automate your media buying process. Furthermore, we help you drive growth by creating customised strategies to target previously undiscovered audiences.

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Our team centralizes all your advertising initiatives, enabling real-time monitoring and maximum results. We design and take care of your campaigns right from the beginning to help you have a competitive edge.


Programmatic Advertising Services We Offer

Research and Strategy Formulation

As the leading digital advertising firm in the UAE, Middle East and India, we are one of the best providers of this service in these regions. Over the course of 21 Years, we have nurtured deep relationships with publishers across the web. Reap the benefits of our media planning and buying expertise.

Performance Analysis

GMI is a Google Marketing Platform certified company. We measure the performance of your campaigns with situation-specific approaches based on user intent, interests, climate, geolocation, etc.


We engage your existing audience for future business through conversion metrics. Our team creates laser-sharp campaigns exclusively for the retargeting audience.

Real-time Bidding

Our team of expert bidders identify the best DSPs and platforms on the web before conducting real-time bidding for your marketing ads.

Low-Cost, High-Yield Programmatic Buys
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Why Programmatic Media Buying?


Online advertising was a tedious process with numerous steps like intensive research, negotiation with media vendors, etc. Programmatic Media Buying eliminates manual labour and helps buy digital media efficiently, with more accurate targeting.

You will have more control and transparency in terms of reach and spending. Automation makes all the processes more accurate, helping you drive more engagement.
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Programmatic technology reduces your marketing costs, unifies your analytics and establishes a transparent marketplace for media buyers.

Transform your marketing efforts with programmatic media

  • High Precision Targeting

    We create your programmatic ad campaigns with effective tools to place them with high precision and accuracy, maximizing the potential.
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  • Lower Advertising Costs

    As the processes are fully automated and modified in real-time, you have many ways to optimize the spend. The extra precision helps you save money and drive better growth.

  • Real-Time Monitoring And Reporting

    We use the Google Marketing Platform to measure the performance of your ads and provide you with regular reports.
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  • Improved Efficiency

    We measure the performance of your ads in real-time and optimise them based on live insights while making the required changes swiftly for the best results.
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