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Copywriting & Translation

Words, as simple as they are, can be extremely powerful and compelling in their effects. Not only can they be a medium to materialize our ideas and lend an expression to our deepest thoughts, they also help us reach out, connect and form a bond with people across the world. Copywriting is the art of using written content as an advertising and promotional tool. It proves even more potent if the copy is in a local language.

A well-written copy, translated to connect with regional and local audiences, can prove highly effective in the marketing efforts of any brand - sculpting out the difference between a successful and a failed campaign.

GMI & Copywriting and Translation

GMI is a leading web solutions and digital marketing agency operating in the UAE, Middle East and India. We have been partnering with major businesses in these regions for the past 23 Years, helping them implement both global and local online promotional campaigns that deliver wide-ranging business success.

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We have a highly experienced and capable digital content team that takes great pains to gain insights into the unique purchasing trends of your customers and design campaigns targeted at them.


Copywriting and Translation Services We Provide

  • Copy for all mediums - websites, presentations, brochures, media banners etc.
  • Business-oriented copy, tailor-made to improve conversions
  • Copy designed for specific customer preferences
  • Search engine optimized copy
  • High-quality translation support for Arabic, Chinese/Mandarin, Russian, and German

Targeted copy and translation to engage and connect with customers
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Powerful Copy and Effective Translations are the Most Formidable Combination in Any Marketing Effort


All great campaigns start off with great copy. While attractive design and interface can entertain and engage an audience, it is your copy that carries your message and ideas to effectively inspire them to act. Well-written, engaging copy is the backbone of any advertising campaign.

The need for translation in websites targeted at international customers is corroborated by the fact more than 70% of the world’s population doesn't speak English.
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If you can convey your unique ideas and messages in local and regional languages, they are more likely to captivate your local customers, who will actually drive your sales in the long run.

Great Copy and Translation Can Fuel the Growth of Your Brand

  • Improved Engagement

    Nothing engages your customers and compels them to spend more time on the website than its copy. A well-written copy arrests your customers' interest and urges them to continue browsing. A captivating, informative and convincing copy in a local language can be a powerful tool for converting visitors into customers. Reach out and connect better with more powerful copy.
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  • Can’t Read, Won’t Buy

    This old advertising adage proves almost prophetic, with figures and proof, in the modern digital age. It's important for brands to understand that a majority of the world doesn't speak English. Therefore, if you are operating in a geographical area where English isn't a prominent language, you stand the risk of losing customers if they can't understand your content.

  • Improved Sales and Conversions

    Copy that incorporates local cultural and pop-cultural references to explain your message can be very useful in convincing a customer to adopt a brand or make a purchase. This is because such copy connects emotionally with customers far easily than other forms of it.

  • Implement SEO

    Copy is majorly how brands implement SEO strategies into their websites. Since more than a half of the Google searches are not made in English, it pays to have your copy translated to local languages. This also helps you stand out from your competitors because a major chunk of businesses still shy away from translating their copy. Use effectively rendered copy to build your customer base.
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