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Attribution Modeling


Digital marketing attracts a vast amount of media spend today and is growing at an incredible pace. With billions of impressions, keywords, zillions of URLS and several smart messages on multitudes of devices, it creates a vast ocean of options for the consumer. The marketers of today are under pressure to create effective and efficient campaigns. Attribution modelling is now considered as an integral facet of digital marketing. It refers to a predefined or customised set of rules that decides how much credit is assigned to touch points in the customer conversion journey.

Attribution modelling gives you holistic and accurate information about your ROI, so you improve and optimize campaigns.


GMI & Attribution Modelling

With 23 Years of experience in the digital landscape of the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has been keeping track of everything that has been happening in the digital sphere.

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As a full-spectrum digital agency, GMI’s team of expert analysts is well equipped to track, analyze and understand all the traffic and conversion data that can make or break your campaigns. It can help you optimize your digital campaigns for increased conversions.


Attribution Modeling Services We Offer

We collect information about the various digital touch points in your customer’s journey by implementing the right technologies. We track and analyze the whole process with tracking tags. This let us understand how exactly your customers behave towards the different marketing campaigns they see. Everything is done without violating anyone’s privacy and in complete anonymity.

GMI’s team of agile analytics warriors can analyse and interpret this data and help you discover the channels that are giving you results, so you can prioritise your efforts and budgets. Armed with these insights, you can make your business decisions and see marked improvements in your ROI.

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Google provides six pre-defined models for attribution modelling. They are Last Click, First Click, Last Non-Direct Click, Linear, Positional, Time Decay but these models might not present real information that you need to improve your campaigns. Custom attribution modelling goes the extra mile when compared with pre-defined attribution modelling. It requires in-depth understanding of the client’s business and how various marketing media work together to aid sales and finally lead to conversions.

Custom attribution modelling allows us to assign a realistic value to every channel of marketing, it measures results and optimizes budgets and gives you the real picture of costs against value per channel.
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The real goal of attribution modeling is to help you figure out where to allocate
future resources.

Attribution Modelling can rewrite your
growth story

  • Complete information on ROI

    The chief goal of Attribution Modeling is to give you accurate and complete information on the financial returns of your online activities. This information allows you to fine tune and distills it further so that it brings in the bucks. With this knowledge in hand, you can adjust it further to perform within the stipulated budgets to add more value to your business and your customers.
    See real improvements in your ROI.

  • Get the complete picture

    It reports on the impact of communication channels with metrics like turnover, profit, retention of customers, sales volumes unlike the usual analytics metric like no. of visits, time spent on your page, click through rate (CTR) and impressions. With a custom attribution model we use linear, first-click, last-click, time decay, and position-based attribution models as the baseline, and then add on other aspects that affect your business.

  • Optimization

    The other advantages of custom Attribution Modelling is that it can be optimised and personalised for your business.

  • Understand customer behavioral patterns

    Attribution Modelling also gives you the most accurate representation of your marketing’s impact on the customer journey with custom multi-channel funnel tracking & reports.
    Create and manage marketing campaigns that really work.


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