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Media Planning


When you consider advertising your brand, you should know what the best mediums are, who your target audiences are and how to plan your budget. Media planning allows your ads to be scheduled in such a way that your ad reaches a maximum number of people. It is the process of performing thorough researches based on marketing trends and media developments along with quantitative and qualitative research. Depending on your requirements, media planning can make suggestions that can change the perception of the consumer or create general awareness about your product or brand.

Media planning experts perform research on target demographics to achieve a clear understanding of media consumption habits and purchasing behaviours of your target consumers. This way you can deliver an ad campaign that drives maximum number of viewers.


GMI & Media planning

With over 23 Years of experience in digital marketing, GMI has been able to provide digital services to leading companies in Dubai and the rest of UAE. Media planning is one of the many services we provide.

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Our media planning professionals have specialised in understanding various media platforms in a geographical zone and are aware of consumer behaviour patterns of the region. We use a plethora of media planning tools to provide media planning services to our clients.

Media Planning Services We Provide

  • Market analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • Qualitative research
  • Competitive media analysis
  • Advertising media planning
  • Media research
  • Media planning services
  • Media negotiation
  • Media placement
  • Digital media planning services
  • Digital media buying services
  • Big data analysis

Media planning strategies to bring more audience to your ads
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Your Ads Reach Relies on Your Media Planning Strategies


Your consumers depend on different types of online media on various devices. This is the prime reason why media planning is necessary; you need to know who your target audiences are and be aware of the kind of media formats they consume.

When planning a brand’s digital marketing activity, we always take into account the rise of smartphone usage. We build a mobile campaign along with the usual online plan to achieve maximum reach with minimum overlap.

With the help of media planning, you can have every minute detail involved in planning a perfect ad campaign taken care of.

Deliver Outstanding Ad Campaigns through Media Planning

  • Decide Target Market

    Media planning agencies find out who your target audience are and make sure that your ads reach them. They target the audience based on location, gender, age, etc. This way the viewers of the ad have more chance of turning into consumers of your product.
    Reach the audience you want to reach.

  • Select Media Type

    Considering that there are different types of media such as electronic media, print media, etc. knowing which means to use while advertising your brand is crucial. Your audience may be using an individual channel; media planners find out which they are and use that particular medium so that it reaches the potential buyers.

  • Allocation of funds

    Media planning agencies give a list of prices based on the form of advertising. This way you get a clear understanding of how much will be spent on each medium and plan accordingly.

  • Time Saver

    You can leave it up to the media planners to perform the research and strategize your ad campaigns accordingly, and so it works as an excellent time saver. Introduce your audience to your best version of you.
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