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Wikipedia Page For Corporates & Individuals


Any corporate entity or an individual, aspires to have a Wikipedia page. After all Wikipedia is the most esteemed and popular reference publication. There is no online & offline publication which is referenced as much as Wikipedia. It's also the 7th most visited online publication.

But the barrier to get a Wikipedia page created, published and maintained with regular updates is extremely challenging. Only a Corporate or individual having a notable presence qualifies to have approval from the stringent Wikipedia editorial team.

Wikipedia was launched in the same year (2001) Global Media Insight was established as the first Digital Marketing & Media agency in UAE and the Middle East. Since then, Global Media Insight has created & maintained many corporate and individual Wikipedia pages for the Fortune 500 companies as well as for many top regional entities. We have a battalion of Wikipedia editors in English as well as Arabic. As we follow strict Wikipedia guidelines, as an agency we are reckoned as a the foremost partner for Wikipedia in the Middle East & North Africa region. GMI has retainer ship agreements with corporates involved in FMCG, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Diplomacy, Celebrities and so on.


GMI & Wikipedia Optimization

For the past 21 Years GMI has been an active player in the digital marketing and online advertising space in the UAE, the Middle East and India. We have worked with some of the leading national and international brands, helping them to create and update their Wikipedia pages to boost their online presence.

Wikipedia pages must be supported with reliable references, formatted correctly and written in accordance with Wikipedia’s style manual. GMI’s expert Wikipedia editors can help you, whether you are a business, celebrity, individual or a non-profit organization.


Wikipedia Optimization Services We Offer

Tried your hand at getting your article published on Wikipedia and saw it being rejected every time? It is very likely that you failed to adhere to Wikipedia’s numerous guidelines and regulations. Our Wikipedia experts have an in-depth understanding of all the rules and norms. Your Wikipedia profile needs to be dynamic and has to be updated and expanded with any new developments. We will continue monitor and update your page with accurate, unbiased and verifiable information so that your Wiki page is a true reflection of your entity.

Wikipedia page with guaranteed approval

Once you are eligible for Wikipedia posting, we will craft the content, find credible references and citations and finally upload it on Wikipedia. Our experts carry out detailed analysis thus eliminating any future hurdles. Our input and a third person neutral perspective ensures that the page is published without any conflict of interest.

Wikipedia monitoring

Alerts when a third party edits your page. Our team of experts reviews and checks if the page is still neutral and verified by a qualified media mention. If there are illegal edits to your page, we make sure that the changes are reversed immediately.

Creating press coverage

If you don’t have the required press coverage, we can connect you to press agencies to reach the minimum mark of 5-7 media mentions.

Concept development

Consulting services on how to develop business concepts and formulate ideas to get listed on secondary pages on Wikipedia.

Crisis editing

We defend and protect if your page is recommended for deletion. We also immediately remove and re-word any negative content within Wikipedia guidelines during the monitoring stage.

Reputation management

Support reputation management of your page with constant monitoring and maintenance. Wikipedia pages appear first on SERPSs and offers instant credibility to your company.

Wikipedia translation services

Translate your page into multiple languages with our Wikipedia translation service. Ensure your reach to various target audiences across the globe.

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Wikipedia pages act like a comprehensive database with a history about your business or about yourself. Having a Wikipedia page is a valuable digital asset as it is one of the top most visited websites today. Even Google’s search algorithms use data from Wikipedia to populate its Knowledge Graphs.

Wikipedia pages are well ranked within a topic’s search results. GMI’s Wikipedia Optimization services also encompass Monitoring to check for any malicious content and offer translation of your page to interact with the community you want to reach out to.
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A Wikipedia page is the first thing people see on SERPs. Ranked as the 7th most visited website globally, Wikipedia lends you credibility, popularity and opens opportunities for you and your business.

Personal Wikipedia Page Creation

Once you are on Wikipedia, it gives you an air of credibility and tags you as someone “noteworthy”. But a personality or subject needs to have at least 5-7 major press mentions to be listed on Wikipedia. We first determine if you qualify for Wikipedia’s notability standards. Once you pass the parameters, our Wikipedia experts create content to meet the exacting standards and rules of Wikipedia content.

Wikipedia Page for Businesses

Grow your business and attract potential customers with well-crafted Wikipedia pages. Give your brand the high-visibility and credibility that it deserves; get yourself ranked along with the biggest names in the business world. We understand Wikipedia’s internal mechanisms and our team of Wiki experts guarantees you this “powerful backlink”.

Wikipedia Writing Services

Wikipedia writing is unlike other forms of writing and requires the involvement of skilled writers and adept editors to ensure that a Wikipedia article gets approved and published. Our Wikipedia Content Experts adhere to the numerous parameters and guidelines in the creation of Wikipedia pages. We have successfully navigated the page creation processes for several of our clients.

Get your business listed on one of the world’s top WEBSITES

  • Brand value

    A study conducted in 2012, revealed that 96% of the tested group trusted the Wikipedia page of a brand more than any other source on the internet. Also, a company or brand with a Wikipedia page is considered more trustworthy than companies which do not have a page.
    Create a winning Wikipedia page

  • Visibility

    Increase your visibility on websites with a Wikipedia listing. People from all over the world rely on Wikipedia for authentic and reliable information. A Wikipedia page gives you an edge over your competition and gives you a legitimate route for link building.

  • Boost search engine results

    A Wikipedia page can boost your search engine results. Considered as a high-authority website, Wikipedia also allows you to link to your website, and this can help raise your profile online.

  • Grow your business

    A by-product of a Wikipedia page is increased sales. As people check out your Wikipedia page and find that you are a credible entity, they follow through by clicking on the link to your website and finally end up buying your product or service.
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FAQ’s about Wikipedia page creation:

Q) To be eligible

Prominent: Wikipedia lays a lot of weight on credentials, authenticity and authority or your circle of influence, also known as “notability”.

Verifiable: All the references and citations should be genuine.

Strong Presence: Notability only comes with wide media coverage. An extensive presence in local and international media is necessary.

If you are individual, company or brand looking to find a foothold in Wikipedia, talk to us now to get a free assessment and check if you are eligible.

Q) Can you explain when a company does or an individual becomes notable as per the Wikipedia editorial team?

Winning the best sales executive label in your company’s branch in Sheikh Zayed Road does not make you notable whereas being selected to win an award from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum makes you a notable person.

Thus either a global recognition or a national level recognition as mentioned above is a good indicator of notability. These are certainly considered as notable by Wikipedia. Another aspect to this implies the matter gets significant coverage across multiple media publications. Once the proof for this is available online, it can be used to prove that the individual/entity is notable.

Q) What is considered a reliable source as per Wikipedia editors?

Mentions in websites like,, and are considered reliable, whereas mention in websites like or is not considered good enough reason for considering the individual or commercial entity to be provided a Wikipedia page.

Reliable sources would include The Times of India, The New York Times, The Economic times & In case no reliable third-party sources can be found on an individual or topic, then an independent Wikipedia page should not be provided according to Wikipedia.

Francis Kalarickal, Director of GMI, says,

“GMI contributes to Wikipedia “ethically and transparently” on behalf of individuals, corporate entities and NGO clients. Most often nearly 90% of cases when someone wants to create a new Wikipedia page, the person or company doesn’t meet Wikipedia’s requirements to qualify for a page”.

In such cases with proper inputs & guidelines from GMI, with 6 to 8 months time frame, a Wikipedia page can be created with sufficient groundwork.

Q) Is it good to edit our own Wikipedia page?

The Wikipedia editors are extremely good at their job. Once they identify a weakness in the approach you edit and publish content, the editorial team is most likely to keep hounding your page, until it achieves perfection. Thus the DIY approach to Wikipedia page creation is usually a bad idea.  DIY Wikipedia contributions can raise red flags in the Wikipedia editorial community.

Q) What are Wikipedia’s conflict-of-interest (COI) guidelines?

Wikipedia page copy is meant to be objective, “just-the-facts” tone. When a Wikipedia page of a company/individual creates or contribute their own Wikipedia articles, their intention is to meet marketing goals, instead of making Wikipedia a more valuable resource of unbiased information. All copy with even the slightest hint of being promotional is a show stopper in the case of a Wikipedia page.


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