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Social Media Analytics


Social media platforms have suddenly emerged as the most powerful and comprehensive channels to gather that most important resource in any business development process - customer feedback. Beyond ideas and arguments, users are now increasingly discussing products, services and their experiences over the medium.

Brands can use the information gathered over social media to improve their products and services, implement better support pipelines and transform their marketing efforts to enable increased growth.


GMI & Social Media Analytics

Our highly talented listening teams will draw upon years of expertise and use cutting-edge technologies to trawl through some of the biggest social media portals in the world and integrate themselves into the separate demographics and communities that these attract, paying careful attention to what users are discussing. Later, we decode their words into specific customer requirements, and from then on into actual, actionable business transformations or changes in marketing strategies.

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As a pioneering digital marketing and web solutions agency, we have been exploiting the capabilities of major social media platforms for the past many years, not only as tools for gathering marketing data, but also as mediums to help our clients in Dubai and the rest of the UAE connect with their customers across the world.


Social Media Analytics Services We Provide

  • Facebook Insights management
  • Twitter analytics
  • Google+ Dashboard management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identifying and following influencers
  • Campaign management.
  • Identify negative feedback and offer corrections before they gain traction.

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Unparalleled, Accurate and Specific Insights Into Individual Customer Perceptions


Social media platforms have taken over from street corners as a space for people to come together, discuss matters that concern them and ideas they are passionate about. Brands have also found a place among these discussions, and consumers are increasingly using social media to share their experiences about products and services.

A social media analytics partner can help you by collating information from different social media platforms into a comprehensive action plan that can guide the growth of your business and help you better realize your customers' aspirations.
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Since user feedback on social media can gain a lot of traction and shape potential customers' opinions about the brand, it would be wise to use these experiences and conversions as a guideline to improve products and services.

Social Media Analytics - A Roadmap to Drive the Growth of Your Brand

  • Identify Reach and Engagement

    By studying social interaction, you can gain a clearer idea about your audience and map engagement among demographics and regions where your products and services are most popular. You can also identify sections of the population that are not aware of your products or show less interest. Marketing efforts can be adjusted accordingly.
    Reach out to your most relevant set of customers.

  • Analyse User Sentiment

    A large chunk of the population makes their purchasing decisions based only on how they feel about a particular brand or its products. Social media analytics can help you map the emotions of users accurately and help you better connect and engage with them.

  • Identify Influencers and Standout Communities

    Within every community there are influencers and communities whose opinions and reviews matter most to other users. By identifying them through social media analytics, you can help them understand the intricacies of your products and services and therefore, make more informed reviews.

  • Competitor Analysis

    In addition to understanding how customers feel about your products, social media analytics can also be a tool to understand how they feel about your competitors and their products, and why. You can further use this information to improve your services or marketing efforts.
    Stay ahead of the competition.


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