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Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics

If you are an E-commerce business, striving to build a more engaging, provocative and actionable storefront, enhanced E-commerce analytics might be just what you need.

It is a powerful, interactive and thorough tool, built by Google, to analyze user behavior within websites and guide business owners to make the most relevant and result-oriented changes to their E-commerce portals to improve conversions, build their user base, and make more sales.

GMI & Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics

For the past 23 Years, we have partnered with hundreds of leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India to set up their own customized E-commerce infrastructures. Through the learning we have attained from our web analytics services, we found Google's Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics as the best tool in the legion. It helps brands self-evolve by learning from the most honest and reliable teacher in marketing history - customer behavior.

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Not only can we help you setup your own Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics account and program it to gather the most relevant information, we can also help you decode this data into business development recommendations, and use our creative, design, and development expertise to realize these recommendations into real changes to your storefront.


Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics Management Services We Provide

  • Designing and introducing promotions/deals and coupons/affiliate codes based on product performance.
  • Performance tracking of internal promotions and their impact on sales.
  • Tracking usage of coupons and their impact on revenue.
  • Optimizing sales funnels based on abandonment pages and behavior.
  • Tracking which products are most viewed, most added into carts, most sold and most abandoned.
  • Reporting on most searched terms and products within the website.
  • Analysing sales funnels to segregate pages that underperform.
  • Tracking the abandonment and checkout processes of different customers.
  • Tracking of sessions that result in purchases.
  • Tracking of refund information.

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E-commerce platforms burst into the scene a few years ago as retail disrupters, transforming how a significant chunk of the population across the world did their shopping.

Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics helps business turn the disadvantage of minimal customer interaction plaguing e-com portals into a powerful business development feature, to improve marketing and sales strategies.
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Enhanced E-commerce analytics can offer online businesses highly focused, detailed, accurate and real-time information about customer behavior on their website.

Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics Can Guide Your Online Business Goals

  • Website Optimization

    Since Enhanced E-commerce Analytics offers you an almost direct look into your customers' minds and how they feel about your website, you can use this information to optimize the website's performance, functionality, load-time, and UX/UI to deliver a more seamless and smoother experience.
    Optimise your website to meet customer preferences.

  • Product Optimization

    Once you have an idea about the products and product categories that draw significant interest from users and are yet somehow dropped from their carts at a later time, you can optimize these specific products to inspire action and have customers complete their purchases.

  • Promotions and Marketing

    Analytics data can help you understand how customers arriving through specific promotions and advertising streams interact with your products. This can help you fine tune your marketing efforts and design more actionable promotions that lead to more purchases.

  • Optimize Sales Funnels

    Analytics data can be used to reveal any chinks or bugs in your sales funnels. Using this information, you can optimize your sales processes to reduce cart abandonment.
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