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Animated Video Production


Need a cost-effective and engaging social marketing tool? An animated video can help you emotionally connect with your followers online.As one of the pioneering digital marketers in the UAE, Middle East and India, we understand how to excite and engage people through the power of video.

Animated videos have the power to make complex ideas easy to comprehend for your audience and customers. They are one of the most shareable and engaging types of content thanks to their lovable visuals and emotional storytelling.


GMI & Animated Video Production

Over 23 Years we have built a team of Digital Super Specialists. Our full-fledged production team is one of the best in the region, and we provide video production services to every type of business for all kinds of markets - from social media followers to corporate audiences.

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Animated videos are perfect for social media because they are short, sweet and keep it simple. It breaks the limits of traditional videos by bringing to life anything that our minds could invent.


Animated Video Production Services We Offer

From 2D to whiteboard, we do it all. Get in touch with one of the best production houses in the Middle East and get creative for your social media campaigns.

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The Way To The Head Is Through The Heart


Audience responses are driven by emotional triggers. The unique emotional appeal of animated videos, like childhood cartoons, trigger positive feelings of joy, nostalgia and interest.

These feelings not only boost audience retention but create an overall positive image of the brand and its products. The creative visuals enhance understanding of ideas as big as world economics or ideas on a micro-level such as how to clean your room.
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Visual, emotional, and engaging - animated videos combine the hallmarks of successful social media content.

Social Media Campaigns, Re-Animated

  • Unlimited Creativity

    Animation is an art, and art can give life to any idea. Animated videos can neatly explain concepts and ideas which are too difficult or expensive to convey through live videos. Spark an emotional appeal with inventive animations.
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  • Complexity Simplified

    Through the intelligent use of concepts, characters, stories and metaphors, animations present topics to your audience in an easy to understand way.

  • Versatile & Flexible

    Animated videos are a great marketing tool for all types of businesses in any sector from finance and IT to fashion and retail. They have the ability to make any kind of business accessible to their target audience.

  • Cost-Effective

    One important benefit of using animated videos for social media is that they are cost effective. Where a live video would involve searching for actors, locations, shooting and editing, it takes just a fraction of the effort and cost to create a perfect animated video.
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