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Linkedin Advertising


LinkedIn calls itself the “world's largest professional network”. With a huge database of LinkedIn user profiles, it leverages this wealth of information with demographic ad targeting capabilities. A superb lead generation tool, LinkedIn’s ads work best when used in tandem with content marketing campaigns that promote white papers, e-books or webinars.

LinkedIn Advertising possesses the capability to target its users based on the same schema that users have added to their profiles, groups and forums, to position themselves as professionals in their industry.


GMI and LinkedIn Advertising

With over 23 Years of experience in the digital arena of the the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has been at the helm of online media campaigns for some of the biggest brands in these regions. We have the capability to mould your LinkedIn campaigns to target your unique cross-section of users and achieve the results you are looking for. We help you to communicate directly with business prospects, while targeting them by specific companies, geographical areas, function and title.

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In fact, LinkedIn advertising campaigns are one the most effective strategies for B2B acquisition. Our LinkedIn advertising services include everything from choosing your targeted segments and writing the ad copy to setting up your campaign and then tracking and measuring it to ensure that it is effective.


LinkedIn Advertising Services We Provide

LinkedIn Ads come in different sizes and shapes, and it can be pretty confusing for a nascent user. They come in five categories: Pay-per-click (PPC), Display Ads, Social Ads, Sponsored InMail and Sponsored updates. GMI’s Online Advertising gurus can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn.

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Target the Right Audience for Your Brand


The LinkedIn network is solely for professionals and therefore it gives you a wider reach to target businesses directly through LinkedIn ads. The individual listings of positions make it easy for you to get the needed traffic from every country and continent in the world.

LinkedIn Advertising is highly effective, and yet comes at very competitive rates when compared to Google AdWords. GMI’s Online Advertising whiz kids can design strategic ad campaigns that stick to your budgets. With its highly targeted capability, we can create dynamic, effective LinkedIn advertising campaigns, with high ROI, to help you reach and engage with your target group.
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LinkedIn ads are proven to achieve a success rate of more than 250%, since the platform offers advanced promotional filters to help brands target the right professionals.

Target a Niche Audience for Higher Quality Leads

  • Content Promotion

    LinkedIn is ideal for content sharing. It allows you to share anything from articles, infographics, and presentations to videos. This, therefore, makes it an ideal marketing platform for companies to publish their content.
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  • Built-in Lead Generation

    Allows readers to ask you to follow up.

  • Custom Targeting

    If you understand your target group, LinkedIn ads can be powerful tools in your hands. You can target audiences based on gender, age, company, size of the company, job title, skills, school, group/affiliations, and industry.

  • Cost-effective

    LinkedIn ads have lesser CPC compared to Google AdWords, and they give you excellent results with high ROI.
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