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Implementing chatbots into websites, enables brands to use next-gen technology to power their business, while offering customers a whole new level of engagement and perpetual service connectivity.

Chatbots exploded into the tech scene a few years ago and brought enough punch to revolutionize the way we communicate, the way we order things on the internet, and the way we book our services. They caught widespread attention not only for all that they could do, but also because they are one of a very few technologies available to the general public, that offer us a peek into a future filled with robots.


GMI & Chatbots

For the past 23 Years, we have been helping leading brands across the UAE, Middle East and India improve their customer support, provide better services and implement automation by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies into their infrastructure. Chatbots are the latest in this line, and one that we are very excited and passionate about.

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We are one of the first digital agencies in these regions to adopt chatbots as a mainstream customer service solution for our clients,to help them introduce a whole new level of engagement and assistance that guides users as they perform tasks or make purchases on the website.


Chatbot Development Services We Offer

At GMI we get excited about all kinds of new technologies, and especially ones that seem as precursors to robot butlers. We approach chatbot integration not only from a business development perspective, but also as an artificial intelligence tool that makes it easier for customers to find products and services they are looking for on the internet, whittle down their options and make purchases through easy transactions.

Cutting-edge modern technology for advanced customer interaction
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Innovative, Engaging, Empowering User Interactions. Realised by Artificial Intelligence.


For the first time in digital history, people are using messaging apps more than social media apps. This says something about how consumers today prefer to communicate. Chatbot applications are designed to provide online support services to customers over a single chat interface. They use artificial intelligence to interact with customers, understand their requirements and respond to their queries.

Implementing chatbots into their infrastructure helps brands offer customers a realistic and intuitive retail-store-like atmosphere, using a piece of next-gen technology.
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Chatbots allow businesses to streamline and automate their customer interactions for improved productivity and increased efficiency.

Enhanced Chatbot Technology to Power Your Brand into the Future

  • Perpetual Connectivity

    Chatbots, being robots, need no rest. This means that customers trying to access your website from different time zones or during different times of the day experience the same welcoming, helpful, informative and efficient entity at the other end of the chat. To implement improved connectivity,
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  • Better ROI

    Before chatbots, to achieve the same kind of perpetual service would have cost businesses a platoon of call centre executives working over different shifts. Additionally, except the initial level of programming, chatbots need not be trained in the details and intricacies of new products and services. They can easily self-learn from a database.

  • Improved Resource Allocation

    While it is often hard for executives to figure out which department or resource to approach for a specific service request, such mistakes are rare with chatbots. The artificial intelligence, if integrated effectively into the organization’s customer resource management solution, would have direct access to the entire stream of data from different departments, and can easily assign and allocate tasks to different managers, ensuring improved productivity and efficiency within the organization.

  • Brand Value

    Chatbots are a rather new and advanced technology and inspire significant fascination among the general public. Smart businesses can use this to project themselves as an innovative brand that’s years ahead of the competition. Out-reach your competition.
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