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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a form of lightweight webpage architecture for mobile devices, realized by cutting down the amount of JavaScript and HTML used in websites to their bare minimum.

AMP technology finally allows brands, online publishers and digital marketers to achieve a long-standing aspiration of offering mobile customers the same smooth and lag-free experience as that on desktops.

GMI & AMP Web Development

With nearly two decades of experience in designing and developing websites for leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India, we have gathered unique insights into the minds and browsing habits of customers in these regions.

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We use these insights and our extraordinary digital and technical expertise to help clients and brands across the region better exploit the revolutionary benefits of AMP technology and offer a significantly better and smoother mobile experience to their customers - prompting more action and generating more leads.

Accelerated Mobile Page Development Services

In line with our aim of delivering cutting-edge world class web and digital marketing infrastructure to our customers, GMI now offers AMP services to clients in Dubai and rest of the UAE. We undertake a range of AMP HTML development and CMS-based AMP projects that are singularly customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Note that GMI undertakes only 5 AMP mobile website projects each month. So make sure you get in touch with us today to streamline your project schedule and have it better aligned with your website launch plans.

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Why Do You Need AMP Web Designs?

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Over 60% of the web traffic today originates from mobile devices. But since the browsing experience for content-heavy websites has traditionally been a torturous experience on these devices, over the years this has led to an erosion in the revenues of online brands, publishers and digital marketers. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages offer a solution.

An open-source project by Google, undertaken in collaboration with leading global publishers, AMP is designed to significantly improve the experience for users accessing websites on their mobile devices.
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AMP allows digital brands to streamline and modify their marketing strategies and efforts to better target mobile users across platforms.

Accelerated Mobile Pages for a Targeted, Dynamic Mobile Presence

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    User Experience and SEO

    User experience, one of the most powerful and irreplaceable factors in search engine optimisation, can make or break your brand’s online presence and image. This is AMP’s major contribution - offering your mobile visitors significantly faster loading, smoother browsing, and improved interactive user experience. As a result, new and old customers accessing your website have a higher propensity of staying on site and lesser chances of browsing away, leading to significantly improved revenues. Offer your mobile visitors an extraordinary experience.
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    Foresight and Brand Value

    AMP is a fairly new technology that is still to be adopted by a majority of businesses. This means that you get a jumpstart over your competition by presenting a smoother, hassle-free and streamlined option to potential customers trying to choose between brands. This also contributes to building brand value and increased trust and brand loyalty among existing users.

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    While the stripping down of HTML capabilities might place limitations on design ideas, it does deliver a simpler and painless development process, and robust results, with very few design breaks or down-times.

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    Open Source

    Though Google is promoting the project, AMP is a collaboration between some of the world's leading publishers and online brands. And since it's an open source endeavour, you can rest assured that it will always be supported and improved-upon by an active community of enthusiastic developers from around the world. Exploit the power of AMP technology.
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