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CRM Integration

It streamlines your business processes across the enterprise - empowering the various departments and teams within the organization with the appropriate tools, resources and information to enable a smooth functioning and systematic case management.

A CRM system is the backbone of any organization. An efficient customer resource management software can help you unite your marketing, sales, lead management, and support services under an efficiently manageable single window.


GMI & CRM Integration

For the past 23 Years, we have been partnering leading brands to help them improve their productivity through automation of major departmental processes and services.

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As a pioneering web development and design agency, we have been helping leading brands in Dubai and the rest of the UAE streamline their business processes by custom-integrating cutting-edge CRM systems into their infrastructure.


CRM Integration Services We Offer

We work with some of the biggest CRM platforms in the market, like SugarCRM, SalesForce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and can offer you robust and customized integration into your existing infrastructure. Our systems have helped businesses achieve extraordinary growth, by allowing business leaders and organizational heads to step away from the operational and management aspect of the company and focus on business development and innovation.

Custom-integrate your own comprehensive CRM system
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Control All Your Essential Business Processes from a Single, Efficient, Easy-Management Window


A customer resource management system can help any organization efficiently and smoothly aggregate the various processes across the enterprise, synchronizing them into a platform that offers continuously updated and relevant information.

This comprehensive, holistic, single-window solution is the reason why most modern businesses now consider the act of integrating a CRM system to manage daily tasks and processes to be one of the first and foremost decisions in the organisation’s lifetime.
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A well-integrated, comprehensive CRM system enables smoother functioning and more relevant and focused management efforts.

Robust and customized CRM integration for outstanding results

  • Organization of Information

    CRM allows you to organize the plethora of information being gathered by various sections and departments of the enterprise into an understandable and easily accessible, uniform format. This synchronization of information ensures that everybody within the company has access to the same information and can make informed decisions. To integrate a CRM system into your organizational infrastructure,
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  • Automation of Everyday Tasks

    Every large scale business process is the result of a lot of small processes that come together to set out a foundation for business leaders to work off of and make decisions. CRM systems can help automate these tasks, by gathering support from different sources and delivering results.

  • Greater Efficiency

    By making sure that everybody has access to the same data and no individual, in another department, is putting in double work to gather information that already exists, CMR systems can help businesses eliminate wasted resources and repetitive manual tasks that take attention away from actual business development.

  • Improved Analytical Data and Reporting

    In addition to gathering external data in one spot, CRM systems can also be used to analyse the results of different campaign efforts and automatically report the results to decision makers and business leaders to promote more efficient services and better marketing efforts.

  • Better Customer Service

    The major beneficiaries of better organization of data and resources within an organization are the customers. CRMs can also help department heads and managers keep track of the various complaints and service requests from customers and assign to appropriate resources and keep a track of them until their resolution. To realise great customer service,
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