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Campaign Idea Generation

All great things start off as ideas, whether it be a scientific discovery, the next big thing in digital technology or a promotional campaign that transforms the fate of a business. As magical, impactful and instant as they might look, a powerful and compelling campaign strategy is usually the result of a bunch of a really talented people sitting across a table and knocking their brains together to achieve something great.

For campaign ideas to be truly effectively, they need to incorporate a variety of factors ranging from targeted customer segments to brand history and product features and upgrades.

GMI & Campaign Idea Generation

At GMI, we understand how powerful and transformative campaigns can be, and how they can fuel the growth of brands. As a leading web solutions and digital marketing agency, we have been working with national and international brands in the UAE, Middle East and India for the past 23 Years. This has afforded us the opportunity to participate both directly and indirectly in the evolution of hundreds of brands and businesses, and gain exclusive insights into marketing decisions and strategies that have the greatest impact and drive sales in these regions.

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We call upon this unique experience and knowledge and the unparalleled expertise of our creative and design teams to customize the campaigns we spearhead, to deliver maximum profits for the brands that place their trust in us.


Campaign Idea Generation Services We Provide

During our campaign idea generation process, we study your unique business objectives, then come up with a set of creative plans and directions. We also look at which platform might work best to run the campaign so that we best reach these objectives. Our Creative, Online Media and Strategy teams work closely together to optimise the campaign to achieve the best results and meet our KPIs.

Promotional campaigns fuelled by extraordinary ideas
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Innovative Ideas to Launch Your Promotional Campaigns and Deliver Explosive Brand Adoption


All campaign ideas must go through a process that pits them against others like them and provokes them to evolve and expand to accept organizational goals.

These results must be achieved while ensuring the message is shaped into an impactful communication that resonates with the intended audience and builds trust in the brand.
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A smart campaign idea, that can deliver great impact while remaining engaging and compelling can have tectonic effects on a company's finances and operational capabilities.

Great Campaign Ideas Can Ignite the Growth of Your Brand

  • More Efficient Marketing

    A smartly formulated marketing campaign can deliver a significant boost to the amount of engagement you gain from your customers. It also leads to increased revenue and improved brand awareness. Campaign ideas that lead to great marketing strategies.
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  • Integration and Alignment

    Clever marketing campaigns can be used to align organizational goals and brand messages with marketing communication. It can also smartly integrate multiple social media and digital and analogue platforms to ensure that there is synchronicity in what is being said.

  • Build Trust

    Your campaign says a lot about your professionalism and how you handle your operations. Effective promotional campaigns can not only attract and engage audiences, they can also lead them to have a more positive opinion about the competency and creative prowess of the brand.

  • Expand Beyond Traditional Audience

    How many times have we shared and liked evocative and entertaining advertisements and promotional banners over Facebook and Twitter? With billions across the world tuning daily into social media platforms, a smart and clever campaign that entertains audiences enough to achieve this kind of sharability can deliver a reach for your message far beyond what was ever intended. Impress audiences beyond your customers with your creative capacity.
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