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Bing / Yahoo Advertising


Helping you reach your customers through search engine marketing is what Bing Ads does, previously known as Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter. First, the search terms are entered in the search engine, after which based on whether the keywords match a search, your ad appears above or next to the search results on Bing. After viewing the ad, the audience is given the option of calling you, visiting your website or visiting your store, based on how you have configured the ad. These ads appear on the right side of Yahoo, MSN and Bing search results.

Bidding for your keywords is one of the crucial steps involved in Bing / Yahoo Advertising. The winning keywords will automatically bring you to the top of the search results, and it is important that you bid on the best.


GMI & Bing / Yahoo Advertising

We have over 23 Years of experience in providing digital marketing and SEO solutions to leading businesses in the UAE, Middle East and India. A winning Bing / Yahoo ad requires a good strategy. You can leave it to us to choose your keywords and bid on them against your competitors so that you get your ads into the spaces you want.

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Our team will provide you with compelling ads that will lead the viewers to either visit your website, contact you or visit your store.


Bing / Yahoo Advertising Services We Provide

  • Understanding the business objectives and campaign goals
  • Formulating ad campaign strategy and planning
  • Campaign setup
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and optimization
  • Fine tuning strategy & re-implementation
  • Reporting
  • Campaign Performance Assessment
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

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The Best Way to Gain More Clicks


With Bing ads reaching millions of searchers, these ads help you acquire a distinct audience that will lead to more clicks and increased sales. Your customers could be around the same area as you are, or miles away, this service helps them find you and view your ads.

As this search engine is not used by many people you can avoid the users who are randomly browsing and target your potential customers. Bing Ads gives you tools through which you can reach your customers on the go. It also offers PPCs that are less expensive through which you can gain a higher ROI.
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Based on your preferences, you can target your ads to different times or days of the week, geographic regions and even demographics.

Yahoo and Bing Ads Might be Better for You

  • Maximum Search Traffic

    While it is true that Google is the top search engine with the most number of searchers and traffic, Yahoo and Bing combined brings in an outstanding share of search traffic. It is preferred more as it brings in more traffic at a less cost, Bing Ads charge a lower cost per click.
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  • Demographics Matter

    According to demographics, Google caters to a teen to young adult age group, while Yahoo and Bing cater to a young adult to upper middle age crowd. If these demographics work out for you, it would be wise if you choose Yahoo and Bing over Google. Even though it brings in less traffic comparatively, your conversion rates have a better chance of increasing.

  • Cost Effective

    Since Google AdWords is a very happening search engine and so its demand is higher when compared to Bing Ads. With demand the bidding prices are also bound to be higher, which is why Bing Ads is a cost efficient option, along with lower bid amounts the competition between advertisers will also be lower, this way your ads have a better chance of being in the top few search results.

  • Customer Support

    Even if you are new to Bing Ads or if you’ve been using it for a long time, it is extremely user-friendly. Bing Ads is not just easy to use but also offers outstanding customer support, unlike Google. They even provide customer support through live chats.
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