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.NET Development

The Microsoft-developed .NET Framework played a significant role in the birth and widespread acceptance of Web 2.0 - where static web pages gave way to dynamic ones and made possible the rise of social media.

The framework is a powerful, open source, server-side scripting technology that offers remarkable customization, engagement and multimedia capabilities within websites.


As a leading web development and design agency in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has been building cutting-edge web solutions for local and international companies operating in these regions for over 23 Years.

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Thanks to our experience of collaborating with hundreds of extraordinary brands, who offered us a plethora of exceptional challenges, we have gained a deep understanding of powerful platforms like .NET, their outstanding capabilities, and the powerful solutions that can be moulded by using them as a framework.


.NET Development Services We Offer

Our exceptional team of developers and programmers are made up of individuals who remain excited about the remarkable capabilities of the .NET Framework even after many years of working with it. They come into work every day with an aim to explore and exploit another aspect of the platform to help our clients in Dubai and the rest of the UAE provide their customers with innovative, inspiring services and unparalleled user experiences.

We fulfill your unique requirements through a remarkable degree of customization that allows you to truly own, and be proud of, your online presence.

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As a cross-language development platform built by one of the biggest technology companies in the world, .NET is designed for versatility and robustness without development and coding restrictions.

The platform empowers programmers to envision and create remarkably engaging, dynamic websites in a secure, robust environment with very little effort.
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There really is no other language that offers the same ease-of-use, security, creative freedom and the comprehensive and targeted realisation of varied business goals.

The Most Powerful Server-Side Framework to Realise Your Unique Business Goals

  • Less Effort

    Whatever you might be trying to build, ASP .NET significantly brings down the lines of codes that you need to realize it. The language allows you to create remarkably engaging websites without investing too much time and effort on development. This translates to less working hours for employees, and more return on investment.
    Exploit the powerful capabilities of the .NET platform.

  • Dynamic Web Pages

    Dynamic web pages are a .NET specialty. The framework works smoothly with HTML to realize elegant, dynamic webpages that allow for user generated content - making modern social media websites a reality.

  • Visual Studio

    Working with ASP .NET offers developers access to Visual Studio, Microsoft's highly capable programing software. It is a unique what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing tool that displays real-time changes on the website, as and when codes are inserted. This allows for more visualization and therefore more creative control over the design and development process.

  • Highly Secure

    Applications and websites built using .NET are protected by the same kind of authentication attributes built into Windows. This makes .NET a highly secure framework and creative platform.
    Secure your online presence right away.

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