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Branding/Awareness Campaigns


The very first steps in introducing a brand, product or service into the market involves reaching out to existing and potential customers and ensuring that they are aware of this new and upcoming entity. GMI has exceptional marketing and advertising teams who work together to help you design powerful branding/awareness campaigns to effectively kick-start your marketing efforts even before the product launches.

While the quality of the product or service will determine its eventual success, the right branding or awareness strategy can deliver the perfect initial impressions to convince customers to expand their horizons beyond the products they are currently using and try something new.



Over the past 23 Years, GMI has been involved with hundreds of leading brands operating in the UAE, the Middle East and India, helping them in their marketing and business development efforts using highly effective customized campaigns and strategies.

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Our campaigns strive beyond just making your customer base aware of your brand, products or services. They are designed to also help create a positive image of quality and professionalism, while inspiring trust, engagement and interaction among audiences.


Our Branding/Awareness Campaign Services

After analysing your unique business objectives, we will strategically select the most relevant online advertising platforms to help you reach your goal of gaining maximum visibility for your targeted audience. We provide a range of comprehensive and all-inclusive branding and awareness focused campaign services over the following platforms and mediums.

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Display/Banner Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Search Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Bing/Yahoo Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

Customized campaigns tailor-made to measure interest, provoke fascination and build trust.
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The first impressions of a brand or a product on customers' mind can have wide-ranging impact on its long-term growth.


In a digital market and advertising ecosystem overloaded with visual and audio stimuli, it is important for any incoming product or service to be introduced effectively and impactfully so that it can attract attention, start conversations, and provoke adoption.

Branding and awareness campaigns are very important during the embryonic stages of any brand or product. This is because they offer a remarkable advertising focus, unhindered by the goal to gather visits, leads or conversions, helping businesses effectively anchor and direct their advertising efforts towards making people aware of the new product or service.
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A truly effective branding campaign can elevate the reputation and popularity of your website, permanently associating it with an image, quality of service, product solution and on some rare occasions, an emotion.


  • Draw Attention

    A truly effective awareness campaign can prove to be a godsend for a business's attempts to draw attention to a new product or brand. While this is basically the purpose of any advertising campaign, the push and flair needed to make this possible for a previously non-existent brand or product can only be achieved with a well thought out branding/awareness strategy.
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  • Generate Customer Interest

    The first and foremost achievement of a branding and awareness campaign is its ability to generate interest among potential and existing customers. This interest is what leads them to take a chance and experiment with the product.

  • Improved Brand Reputation

    A business that takes the time and effort to introduce its new products and say an effective hello to its intended audience will always be respected for this initiative. This would be considered as a proactive outreach on the part of the business and can lead existing and potential customers of the brand to trust it more.

  • Insight

    An awareness campaign can also be used as an analytics tool to gather information about how customers would react to a certain product and what changes they would like to see in it. This info can prove highly beneficial for a business about to release a product into the market and can lead to the saving of resources and capital in the long term.
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