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G Suite


More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies and over 5 million organizations use G Suite (formerly Google Apps) as a daily driver for their essential business processes. This shows how companies big and small across the world have come to rely on Google’s collection of productivity and collaboration tools.

G Suite offers businesses a powerful package of easy access services that can be heavily customized to meet their unique business requirements. It encompasses everything from a personalized email service, collaboration and communication apps to office and productivity tools - in short, everything that a business needs to get started and keep going.


GMI & G Suite

GMI has over 23 Years of experience of providing digital marketing and web solutions to leading companies across the UAE, Middle East and India.

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At GMI, we ensure that security and reliability stand above everything else when it comes to our Hosting, Email and G Suite integration services. Our trained team of development experts offer round the clock support for all our partners.

G Suite Integration Services We Provide

GMI provides comprehensive assistance in setting up G Suite for your business. We deliver custom-designed hosting services including shared, dedicated, cloud and email hosting with 24x7 support from our trained team of development experts to meet the individual needs of each customer. With over 23 Years of experience in Dubai’s digital arena, GMI can deliver spot-on web and application hosting for all requirements on any platform - be it PHP, .NET, MS SQL or MySQL.

Integrate the incredible capabilities of Google’s G Suite to power your business
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A Powerful, Comprehensive, Inclusive and Robust Set of Apps for All Your Communication, Productivity and Collaboration Needs


The G Suite brand of cloud computing, productivity, collaboration tools, software and products are developed by Google, the world’s largest and most innovative internet company.

Under its umbrella, G Suite integrates custom e-mail services from Gmail, Hangouts, 30GB+ storage facility from Drive, Calendar, with options for company-wide synchronization, a range of productivity tools and now an interactive 55-inch whiteboard named Jamboard.
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G Suite stands out from other productivity bundles in that it offers businesses everything they need in one simple, easy-to-use package. Add to this the foundation of Google’s unparalleled infrastructure and the 24/7 phone, email and online support, and you’ve got everything you need to power your business over the long term.

G Suite is the Perfect Foundation For All Your Business Development Goals

  • Enabling Growth

    For businesses that are evolving fast, their infrastructure or productivity packages can stand in the way of their growth. G Suite can be a powerful cost-effective alternative in such situations. It provides you with the flexibility to centralize your business’s communication and add and remove features and capabilities easily, as and when you need them. Technology that empowers growth.
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  • Improved Brand Image

    G Suite offers you your own email domain and access to a powerful set of branded productivity and storage tools that you can call upon reliably to realize all your business processes. This reliability and professionalism translates to building brand value and your clients’ trust in your competence and capabilities.

  • Expansive Storage and Sharing Facility

    G Suite also gives you access to over 30+ GBs of cloud space for collaborating and sharing your files, emails, documents and photos with others in your network. This easy collaboration empowers your business development processes and ensures that you have enough space to grow and work together across teams and agencies.

  • Improved Synchronization Across Devices

    This is a very important factor in today’s mobile age. Google’s set of productivity, collaboration and communication apps have excellent synchronization capabilities across devices, platforms, and operating systems. This ensures that individuals can stay connected and productive, wherever they are and with whatever kind of technology they have access to. Easy-access productivity package, available across devices.
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