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Search Advertising


Search advertising increases your business's branding and online exposure, by placing your advertisements on search engine results pages based on the queries being searched for. Since these advertisements are targeted by matching the keywords entered in search engine boxes - terms that your customers are actively searching for - search ads offer businesses uniquely powerful targeting capabilities.

Search Advertising can direct customers to your website right from the search page that they are on, allowing you to bypass and outreach hundreds of unpaid search results.


GMI & Search Advertising

For over 23 Years, GMI has been providing exceptional digital marketing and SEO solutions to leading businesses in the UAE, Middle East and India. We bring an extraordinary amount of experience and unique insights into how best to position your search advertising campaigns to deliver the best results.

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We have an exceptional team of professionals who can help you design outstanding search ads that will undoubtedly attract consumers. Our Search Advertising experts can ensure that your ads appear on the top of the most relevant search engine results and inspire action from your particular audience.

Search Advertising Services We Provide

  • Understanding unique business objectives and campaign goals
  • Formulating campaign strategy and planning
  • Campaign setup
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and optimization
  • Fine-tuning strategy & re-implementation
  • Reporting
  • Campaign performance assessment
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization

Search advertising campaigns that draw customers and achieve results.
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The Most Powerful and Relevant Form of Online Exposure for Your Brand


No matter how good your products or services are, if you don’t have enough digital exposure, you will not be able to trigger growth in your business. In fact, if it is hard for people to find you online, it can lead to a direct and automatic drop in sales and conversions.

Experienced SEO experts understand that if a business is not seen in the first page of the Google search results, it is tantamount to being invisible. Which is why it is crucial that you not only have your products visible online, but in such a place and manner that they are seen easily by potential customers and draw clicks and conversions.
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Search advertising can help your business jump places and appear at the top of the search results pages, attracting more eyeballs, inspiring more leads and resulting in more conversions.

Turbocharge Your Business Development With Customized Search Advertising

  • Target Your Audience

    Since it offers you first-hand access to customers who are actively searching for your products, search advertising can be very helpful at successfully targeting your specific set of audience. Advertising that draws results.
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  • Cost Effective

    Since businesses are charged only if customers actually click on them, search advertisements can deliver the highest return on investment when compared to any other form of advertising.

  • Reduced Lead Times

    SEO is a long-drawn process and can take time to be implemented and deliver results. If you are a new brand and would like to draw attention and visitors to your website, without going through everything that involves having your website indexed and ranked effectively in the search results pages, search advertising can help you with that.

  • Control

    Search advertising gives you total and absolute control of your advertising efforts. It offers you the ability to decide and manage the unique type of customer profiles, keywords and geographic locations where your ads will appear. This also helps you manage your advertising budget more efficiently. Enable deep customisation for your advertising efforts.
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