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Twitter Advertising


With over 6,000 tweets going out every second, Twitter is one of the oldest and most powerful social networking sites on the internet, reaching millions of people across the world. Many companies in Dubai have come to rely on Twitter marketing services to advertise their brands.

Considering that a majority of relevant potential customers across the world use Twitter, it would be a wise decision for any brand to have the platform play a significant role in its marketing efforts.


GMI & Twitter Advertising

23 Years in the advertising industry has made GMI an experienced and reliable digital agency. We are one of the first Twitter advertising agencies in the UAE, Middle East and India; our experts will ensure that your ad reaches the right audience and earns you a maximum number of followers.

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At GMI, we believe that your brand is superlative. With our services you can rest assured that it will be sure to receive the publicity it deserves.


Twitter Advertising Services We Offer

  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Twitter Content Management
  • Twitter Page Management
  • Twitter Advertising Management

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Tweet and Be Known


Social media ads are the norm of the day. Twitter ads, especially, have an exceptional way of raising brand awareness among people and ensuring that your followers are more inclined towards visiting your website, and further realizing the growth of your business.

When compared to other pay-per-click options, Twitter is extremely cost-effective and delivers much more powerful results.
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Twitter’s marketing services allow you to target your customers based on geography, relevance, gender and other specifics much more easily.

Twitter Advertising Unleashes The Most Inherent Strengths And Possibilities Of Your Brand

  • Effective Targeting

    The followers you earn on Twitter are qualified prospects, considering that they came across your advertisement because Twitter classified it to be under their area of interest. Twitter knows who your potential buyers are and how to get them to follow you, this brings more consumers to your products.
    Be seen by all the people you want to.

  • More Reliable Communication

    Communicating with your customers over Twitter gives you deep insights into customer behavior and empowers you to attract them to your website better. Twitter is also one of the best places to learn about the latest trends in the market.

  • Cost-Effective

    While you have to be careful when setting up a PPC campaign with Google AdWords because some keywords can get very expensive, Twitter offers a low cost yet a highly targeted platform for advertising your brand.

  • Powerful Promotional Capabilities

    You can promote your brand through three different methods - promoted trends, promoted accounts and promoted tweets. These are three methods that can help drastically improve your business.
    Create a fan following for your brand.

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