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Shared Hosting


Shared hosting can be an absolute godsend for SMEs and startups trying to establish an efficient and reliable online presence without sacrificing a major chunk of their capital, by renting and sharing server space with other businesses in the area.

It allows new businesses to hand over all server management and technical support duties to established third parties, while they concentrate on growing their business and building their brand.


GMI & Shared Hosting

For the past 23 Years, we have been providing cutting-edge web solutions and server management services to some of the leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India. GMI maintains a strategic alliance with Rackspace (world leader in hybrid hosting), which allows you to benefit from the quality, reliability, and impeccable standards offered by the brand at affordably low prices.

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All shared hosting services offered through Rackspace are managed by GMI. Our team of dedicated web development experts has decades’ worth of collective experience in deploying, managing and hosting websites of all sizes. From small business websites, to large ERP solutions, we’re your ideal shared hosting partner.

Shared Hosting Services We Provide

  • Strategic alliance with leading hosting providers like Rackspace, GoDaddy, Windows Azure, and Amazon
  • Secure hardening of servers, based on requirement
  • DNS management service
  • Choice of both Windows and Linux servers
  • Database support for MySQL and MS-SQL
  • Data redundancy with RAID level 5 and 10
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Firewall restriction for additional security

Industry-leading, growth-oriented shared hosting services
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Cost-Effective Hosting Solutions That Realize A Professional, Powerful Server Infrastructure


The biggest advantage of shared hosting is the remarkable and unparalleled cost-to-result ratio that it delivers. Since expenditures per machine are divvied up between businesses, it can save a lot of money on server management and technical support.

Shared hosting also ensures that your business always has a specific amount of disk space, bandwidth, FTP accounts, etc., all without any long term financial commitment.
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Shared hosting is the perfect web presence solution for young and small businesses. It allows them to establish web presence in a high quality server space, at a quarter of the cost it would require to purchase it whole.

Drive the Growth of Your Brand WITH A ROBUST Shared Hosting Infrastructure

  • High Return-on-Investment

    This is one of the major reasons for choosing shared hosting for your business. You can acquire high quality server space at very low costs. All the capital that would have been used for dedicated hosting can now to be directed towards business development efforts, talent acquisition or other processes that contribute to the long term growth of the brand. Get online at lowest cost possible.
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  • Easy to Use

    Shared web hosting parties like Rackspace take up the entire setting up process and offer you an easy management interface for any further customization or integration. This lets you easily manage your web infrastructure without having to drill down into the technical nitty-gritties usually associated with the process.

  • Efficient and Reliable

    In this fast moving digital age, incidents like server down time or inaccessibility can be crippling for your business. This can be avoided by opting for shared hosting of high quality server spaces that you can rent through brands like Rackspace, who have a long history of providing efficient server services.

  • Better Technical Support

    Should any kind of downtime or technical difficulties still occur, leading hosting services usually employ highly professional teams of technical support staff who can assess the damage and provide solutions immediately. This is also true for any kind of transactional or operational errors that you might experience within the website. Great hosting, made possible with great infrastructure.
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