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Numbers measure the success of marketing; numbers are obtained by analysis. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools in the market today for website analysis, which helps to measure the progress and performance of a campaign by the numbers.

This incredible suite of software can help you harness the data generated by the digital activity on your website and campaigns, and use it to benefit your business in every aspect from budget allocation to campaign optimisation.


As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Global Media Insight has the knowledge and expertise to help your business make the best use of Google Analytics. As one of the pioneering marketing agencies in the UAE, Middle East and India, we are positioned to provide the complete range of services for Google Analytics from GA implementation to a Google Analytics audit.

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Track and account for every cent of your media budget. Experience the comprehensive benefits of Google Analytics by partnering with the leading GACP in the Middle East.

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We track the productivity of your campaign and customer engagement, determine the conversion rates of your sales channels and measure the performance of your ads using the full suite of tools from Google Analytics. As a member of the GACP network, we get exclusive access to the latest features for beta testing. This means that we are constantly redefining our knowledge to give clients that critical edge.

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Google Analytics is not just a tool for measuring sales and conversions. It also gives you clear insights into the conversion funnel - how people use your site, how they got here and how you can persuade them to return.

By harnessing the power of the largest search engine in the world, Google Analytics helps you dig into your data to uncover critical customer touchpoints in your marketing. Not mention, it has powerfully advanced functionalities like funnel tracking, advanced segments, goal funnel and more.
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Google Analytics is the preferred tool for web analytics. Thanks its power, flexibility and range of features, it can provide a comprehensive view of your ideal customer.


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    Identify Your Target Audience

    You already have an idea about your target audience, but analytics data helps you determine whether that assumption is correct. By analysing the sources of traffic and providing a comprehensive breakdown of visitors by age, sex, location, interests, browsers, technology and more, Google Analytics helps you build a detailed profile of your ideal target visitor.
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    Improve Website Usability

    Google Analytics uses a visual flowchart to display the flow of traffic - where the visitors are landing and from there, how they are navigating your site. By viewing which pages have the highest visitor traffic and which pages have the highest bounce rates, you can optimise the site for better usability.

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    Track Past and Current Performance

    Google Analytics can display how the traffic has changed across large periods of time. By reviewing the historical data, it's possible to spot trends at certain times and use the most successful campaigns to shape future marketing campaigns.

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    It’s Free

    Google Analytics is unique in its industry - an in-depth analytics tool suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes that’s given free of charge. It’s simple to set up and has incredible capabilities.
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