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Magento Ecommerce Website Development in Dubai

Have you ever wondered why big brands like Omega, Canon and HP run their web stores on Magento? It’s not just them, even their competitors such as Timex, Olympus and Acer and 100s of other large corporations like Ford and Samsung too use the Magento ecommerce platform. Why? Because Magento fulfils their needs... and it can fulfil yours too, provided you have the right developers at your disposal.

At GMI, we’ve got a bunch of certified Magento developers and designers in our web development team, who can provide end-to-end assistance in every aspect, right from Magento migration to integration, speed optimisation, support and custom store development. They’ve got years of experience and expertise in working on all versions of Magento. Whether it is building a store from the ground up or customising any store, we can help.

Magento is an enterprise-scale shopping cart solution that supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. So, if you’ve got a dream to sell internationally from your local store in Dubai, Magento is the right bet - but, remember, only with the right people on hand.

GMI & Magento Ecommerce Development Services

GMI has been involved in ecommerce web development since the start of online shopping in Dubai. We've worked with leading brands and businesses as well as startups, operating in diverse industries across the UAE, offering custom ecommerce development solutions to scale up their business. Not only are we proficient in Magento ecommerce website development services, but we also provide ecommerce solutions on other platforms as well.

An open-source CMS, Magento is completely built for ecommerce. It is flexible with ample room for customization and integration and loaded with tools for providing a great shopping experience to users as well as ease of operations to retailers. Also, you get full control over its theme and content. But, only a skilled Magento developer can bring your vision of a successful ecommerce store into a reality. With certified developers on board, we are rightly a Magento ecommerce development company in Dubai, who can support your business in ecommerce ventures. We've used Magento framework to develop and deploy a number of online stores for various businesses in the UAE.

What makes Magento so interesting?

Here are some of the features that put Magento at forefront of ecommerce.

  • Has Persistent Shopping Cart
  • Offers Advanced Admin Roles (Super-Admin)
  • Allows Multiple Stores
  • Allows Faceted Search or Product Filtering
  • Offers Efficient Product & Catalogue Management
  • Offers Multiple Language Options
  • Accepts Multiple Currency Options
  • Has Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Offers Flexible Payment Gateways
  • Offers Multiple Shipping Methods
  • Offers Much Advanced SEO
  • Has Pre-built Extensions
  • Offers Powerful Analytics & Reporting
  • Provides eBay Integration
  • Offers API Integrations

Magento Ecommerce Services We Offer:

Our knowledge of the platform and rich experience helps us cover your entire needs.

  • Magento store development
  • Magento customization, installation & development
  • Magento theme design
  • Magento extension development
  • Module & plugins
  • Magento migration or upgrade
  • PSD to Magento
  • ERP, POS, CRM System Integration
  • Magento Support and maintenance
  • Mobile app development

Magento Migration

If you feel like your business has outgrown or your existing platform is not paying off as expected and that you badly need an ecommerce upgrade, Magento can be the right fit for you. We can help you easily migrate your store to Magento from virtually any platform whether it is Shopify, WooCommerce or any other. Since migration is done by certified developers you can be sure that no data loss happens on the way and everything from design to products, catalogue, orders and user information are all moved safely.


Magento Store Development

If you're a retailer planning to move to online business, we can help you develop and launch a stunning ecommerce store that is responsive and drives engagement and conversions.

Maintenance and Support

We don't leave you in the lurch post deployment but remain ready to respond to your needs. Our team will be helping you 24/7 in every aspect whether it is with regard to performance optimisation or adding a new feature.


Magento Hosting and Management

We can also help you with hosting and management so that you can focus completely on your business, growth and profit. Our hosting solutions offer maximum uptime for hassle-free store operations.

Magento Customization

Without customisation, your store could look just like any other Magento store. From developing custom themes to extensions and modules, we have expertise in customizing Magento to match your business requirements and preferences.


Magento Integrations

Magento allows all kinds of integrations CRM, POS, ERP, etc. These integrations help you manage your store better and boost sales. For example, with CRM integration, you will be able to know your customers, their behaviour, actions and purchase trends. All this information can be used as an opportunity for upselling and cross-selling. At GMI, we've skilled developers to perform integrations. We understand your requirements, take a backup before the process to avoid all possible errors.

GMI - Dubai’s Leading Magento Development Company

GMI has been a key participant in the growth of ecommerce marketing in the UAE and the Middle East since 2001. With our ecommerce development skills, we've leveraged the latest technologies to provide satisfying solutions to our clients. We've been using Magento for setting up online stores for our clients for more than 10 years now. Today, we are a leading Magento development company in Dubai.

GMI’s highly competent and expert Magento developer team can harness the platform's full capabilities for your ecommerce project. We can build feature-rich and customer-friendly online stores that provide the best shopping experience to your customers.


Drive your online business with the most advanced ecommerce solution


Be it a small scale business-set, startup project or a large retail venture with full-scale departments, Magento gives you a professionally developed shopping cart and online stores which are easy to navigate for your end user.

As an experienced Magento ecommerce development company in the Middle East, we can transform your run-of-the-mill online store into a shopper’s delight. Our custom-tailored ecommerce websites built on this platform can boost your sales beyond your estimation.
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Equipped with a variety of tools to fine-tune your ecommerce venture, magento gives your website the scope for scalable and secure online operations.

Lay down strong foundations for your online store with our Magento e-commerce solutions

  • It’s Open Source

    Magento uses open source technologies and is a free ecommerce platform. However, there is also an enterprise version, which is paid and comes with several advanced functionalities. The investment needed is extremely low as opposed to other ecommerce platforms.
    Set up your online venture.

  • Feature-Rich

    Packed with a myriad of characteristics that makes a great user experience, Magento offers features like email list, advanced search, wish lists, favorites, product comparisons, grouped products, a content management system, layered navigation, and more. The platform also supports multi-store, multi-currency and multiple languages.

  • Dedicated Magento Support

    A vast community of Magento experts has developed extensions and offers extensive support.

  • SEO Edge

    With SEO tools, you can manage the optimization of your ecommerce website from page traffic, duplicate content, landing page, indexing, etc.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Highly flexible to accommodate every budget and size, Magento Go is suitable for small businesses while ‘Magento Enterprise’ can be used for medium to big businesses. The vast variety of themes and templates also gives room for flexibility. No matter the size and scale of your online store, Magento ecommerce websites are highly scalable and perform efficiently.

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