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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Cloud Hosting Services In Dubai


Global Media Insight's Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Cloud Services help you focus more on your business than on your operations. Managing servers and data centres require dedicated IT staff that will cost you extra time and money. We’ll free you of this burden by migrating your whole IT infrastructure to the world's best cloud hosting platform - Amazon Web Services. With high-performance computing features and database management capabilities, AWS allows you to take your business to the next level.

However, the adoption, migration and management of AWS cloud services require expert knowledge and experience. At Global Media Insight, we have it all.




Having done hundreds of cloud deployments, we've got experience in providing cloud solutions and technical assistance to Dubai's large and small organisations.

Take a look at our work.

We know that your requirements are unique and you need a custom solution to get the best advantage of the platform. As the UAE's premier AWS Managed Cloud Service partner, we make sure that our team of AWS consultants help you in all stages of the lifecycle from migration through to deployment and customisation.

You may be either new to AWS or using it without expert knowledge. At Global Media Insight, we've got a dedicated team of trained AWS certified consultants who can help you in both the cases, whether you require zero-downtime migration or additional expertise and training.


AWS managed cloud services we offer:


AWS Management

Though managing cloud servers is cheaper than maintaining servers, it requires expert resources and time, which may not be available at your disposal. With our AWS managed services can help you with system administration and storage functions.

  • Cloud deployment on AWS
  • System administration services
  • Performance analysis
  • Incident management and resolution
  • AWS account management
  • Backup and disaster recovery services

Data Security

Although AWS offers a secure cloud platform, you'll have to make your environment secure too to safeguard critical data. We'll not only build a secure environment for you to move your digital assets to AWS but also do regular security checks to find vulnerability issues.

  • Creating AWS secure environment
  • Performing security and compliance checks
  • Creating secure architecture
  • Automating security assessment

AWS Cloud Deployment

Transition from an on-premise solution to a cloud can be risky if you are not an expert. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to plan and execute your migration well.

  • Migrating application and data to AWS cloud
  • Choosing storage for data such as Amazon S3 for File servers, Amazon EC2 + EBS for commercial RDBMS, Amazon RDS for MySQL

Cost cum Performance Analysis

We'll assess the efficiency of your infrastructure and applications and suggest possible changes, which will help you optimise overall costs.

  • Cost cum performance analysis and optimisation
  • Re-designing cloud resources for optimum performance
  • Allotting downtime for development and testing
  • Implementing auto-scaling

Forget the hassle of maintaining huge on-premise servers for running your business. With aws, you save on operational costs and space.

Why Choose GMI for AWS Management in Dubai?

We're the number one choice for most of the companies in Dubai for AWS deployment and management. Backed by our hands-on experience in managing clouding hosting services for numerous organisations both large and small, we have a been trusted partner to the top organisations in Dubai. AWS cloud migration and management requires thorough knowledge of the platform along with experience across various industry verticals. One should also know the possible challenges that you're likely to encounter in the event and the ways to overcome them.

As a certified expert, we'll help you throughout the implementation process and beyond.


Pick your AWS Server Location

Our AWS managed service lets you choose your server location. As you know your server location determines the performance of your web applications. Always choose one that is relatively close to your target market for quick delivery of services. AWS servers are located across the globe and we recommend that you pick your server location wisely before proceeding.

Benefits of AWS cloud hosting:

  • Maintaining in-house servers involves huge costs and the recruitment of additional workforce, which can be taxing for your organisation. With AWS cloud, you can cut these costs down to a bare minimum.

  • AWS CloudWatch lets you keep tabs on your website's performance and use of resources. This gives you knowledge about the consumption of server space and allows you to manage servers accordingly.

  • AWS works on a pay as you go model; you have the choice to pay for just the services you choose to use. It also allows you to tailor your own space for your requirement which can be applications, databases and more.

  • AWS provides security at both the user end and the server end. The built-in firewalls and advanced data encryption levels across the AWS architecture enable you to run your business in a secure environment.

  • Unlike other cloud hosting services, here there are no licenses, year-long contracts or termination charges. You can use it right away, pay for the services for the amount of time you have used them and stop using at your own free will. You'll be charged only those services you've used and for as long as you use it.


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