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Big Data Analytics Services In Dubai


Unable to draw insights from multiple data sources? Finding it cumbersome to manage large volumes of data? Let's do the job for you. GMI, a trusted expert in big data analytics in Dubai, can help you with all things data including data mining, data storage and predictive analysis.

By combining the capabilities of various open-source platforms with robust business intelligence tools and years of experience, we can effortlessly manage your data, interpret it and offer you actionable insights.


GMI & Big Data Analytics

No matter how big or small you are, as an organisation you tend to produce data through various channels, it could be forums, social networks, gadgets, server logs and hardware. Managing and storing such unstructured data can be really taxing for your team as they’re not familiar with data analytics.

GMI has been involved in data analytics for over 21 Years, offering businesses valuable insights from data using advanced data analytics strategies. Our big data services are powered by a team of highly-experienced data scientists and engineers who use advanced tools to deliver the best results. Our analysts can help you transform your data into valuable insights to facilitate the smooth operations of your business.


Big Data Analytics Services, We Provide:


Data Warehouse Setup and Restructuring

A data warehouse is crucial to get timely insights for your business. We will set up a data warehouse that can accommodate large volumes of data and make sure that there is a continuous flow of structured, quality data from diverse sources.

Data Lake

A data lake is a central archive for storing raw data. Here, we'll implement a data lake that helps you easily identify, use and process data that are needed.


Real-time analytics

There is a time-relevance for certain data. As time goes by, it loses its importance. However, we track these data to give you real-time insights that can be used to make better decisions.

Improve Your Organisational Performance Harnessing Big Data Solutions From Gmi

The success of big data analytics lies in organising the available data. As the data grows in volume, it becomes unmanageable for many and those who succeed in managing and analysing it get a headstart over their competition. We'll equip you with capabilities to better manage and make sense of your data.

Big data has relevance everywhere, in almost every sector be it a government or a private industry. By leveraging big data, you'll be able to increase your level of competence at operations as well as organisational growth. It can benefit you in making smart, intelligent decisions in almost all areas of your business including customer relations, marketing and finance, human resources and product development.

Data-based decisions
Make sense of unknown patterns, discover new insights, analyse opportunities and threats and take decisions powered by data
Enhanced business intelligence
Gain higher intelligence with the adoption of machine learning, AI and big data analytics
Quick insights
Get insights from real-time analytics


Benefits Of Big Data Consulting

  • Big data analytics allows you to offer personalised products and services to your customers, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. You'll gradually have a long list of happy customers on your client roster.

  • Big data analytics can help you keep abreast of the changing trends and even keep you abreast with the pulse of the industry you are operating in. This makes you powerful enough to adapt to the changes ahead of your competition.


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