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Data Visualisation Services In Dubai


At Global Media Insight, Data visualisation is performed by the UAE’s best data scientists and visualisers. We can offer you specialised business intelligence and data analytics solutions including data visualisation for quick decision making. Rest assured, our Data Visualisation Services will help you comprehend your data, analyse and forecast trends, understand your market and customers, make quick and informed decisions and navigate business challenges.

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At Global Media Insight, we believe that every data set has a story to tell and that it is best understood only when represented graphically. So, no matter how large or disparate your data sets are, we’ll make them easily-digestible using graphical representations.


GMI & Data Visualisation Dubai

Data Visualisation Service has been one of our key offerings for 23 years now. As a company that has mastered the art and science of the technique, we take pride in saying that some of the top multinational companies in Dubai bank on us for mining, collating and interpreting data for their day-to-day operations.

As a business operating both offline and online, you tend to attract large amounts of data through various channels and devices. If collected and processed well, this data could be used for business intelligence and even predictive analysis purposes.

But, how do you decode the data obtained? This is where our Data Visualisation Service comes to your aid. We've got data analysts and creative designers who can make your raw data speak using amazing visuals.


Services we offer


Requirement Study

We start off with a detailed requirement study of your current data visualisation requirements. Here, we'll sit with you, understand your requirements and put our industry experience and skills to use to come up with the right solution for your data visualisation requirement.

Developing a Solution

After our study and analysis, we recommend the best data visualisation tool for your specific project. Upon approval, we develop the Data Visualisation for your Business. Our expertise doesn't end here; we can offer all kinds of services related to data from data management to big data consulting.


Training and Support

As an expert in data visualisation tools, we've got the technical and creative know-how to prepare beautiful and intuitive reports and dashboards, which we can impart to you, when needed. Also, we offer full range of technical and creative support in areas like tool optimisation, enhancement and migration.

Clear Reports

From data mining to collating, number crunching and interpreting, we can help you make sense out of your data. Based on your specific business requirements, we can prepare dashboards and reports that work for you.


The GMI Advantage

Through our data visualisation services, we'll help you keep pace with the large influx of data produced every single minute and make sense out of it. You get our team right on board for helping you out with data analysis, inference and visualisations. No matter the source, type and size of your data, we can analyse and visualise in a way that fits your requirement. With constant upgrades our visualisation services always remain ahead of time. By enhancing our visualisation capabilities and data sources, you will be able to find new dimensions to your data and see reports in a new light.

Benefits Of Data Visualisation From GMI

  • Our data visualisation solutions allow you to gain full control of data
  • Help you save time that is otherwise spent on data analysis and preparing insights
  • Help you identify trends and outliers through excellent pictorial representations
  • Streamlined user-specific reports and dashboards for different levels of users This removes clutter and helps all levels of management to focus on relevant areas
  • Get reports on the go with a mobile-friendly interface
  • Track your progress towards goals
  • Throw light on critical areas and actionable points
  • Get new findings
  • Make better decisions
Data visualization makes your raw data more presentable and meaningful with graphical representations.

Data Visualisation Tools we offer:

  • An intelligent Business Intelligence cum data visualisation tool that helps you prepare creative dashboards and reports for instant accessing and sharing.


    • Syncs well with Microsoft products
    • Helps you run a thorough SWOT analysis of your organisation across various verticals
    • Ease of use and deployment
    • Best for small to medium-large organisation
    • Powerful visualisations
  • Robust and mobile-friendly visual analytics tool popular across the UAE for scalability and delivering easily-comprehensible reports.


    • Syncs well with Microsoft products
    • Loads and processes data at an amazing speed
    • Easily processes large amounts of data
    • Helps analyze data instantly
    • Brilliant dashboards and engaging reports
    • Scalable with option to integrate third-party extensions
    • Drag and drop function
    • Offers data security and customisation
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based data visualisation tool that is linked to more than 200 data sources.


    • Advanced formulas
    • Easy G-Suite integration
    • Creative dashboards
    • Drag and drop function
    • Easy personalisation possible
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