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Website Maintenance Services

As a leading website maintenance agency in Dubai, Global Media Insight offers a full suite of website maintenance services to keep your website performing at its best for your users and customers. Our website AMC packages are ideal for any business that wants to keep its website secure, up to date, and fully functional.

A website is not something you can set and forget; it brings in customers, drives sales, and generates revenue for your business. If you don't maintain it, chances are that it may start to crash, get hacked, or fail to convert. But, you don’t need to wear the hat of a web professional to do your website’s maintenance. Leave that burden to us. Whether you run a startup, an SME, an MNC, or a government organization, we have the right website AMC packages for you.


Why Choose GMI for Website Maintenance?

Web maintenance involves a lot of time-consuming tasks, like installing version updates, managing content, and removing dead links. Doing all these things yourself can take your attention away from your business goal as well as do more harm than good. So, it's best to hire website maintenance experts.

Global Media Insight has over 23 years of experience as a leading website maintenance company in Dubai, UAE. So, when you hire us, you can be rest assured that your website is in safe hands. We offer end-to-end website maintenance support and services to our clients. No matter if the platform is WordPress, Magento, or .Net, we can handle routine updates and other requests such as server problems, database optimization, SSL certificate installation, content management, and much more. Check out our website AMC services below.


Website Annual Maintenance Contract

Our website AMC includes a wide range of services that will help you keep your website up-to-date, secure and fully functional.

shopify ecommerce platform

Performance Analysis

A thorough analysis is conducted to ensure that your website is performing optimally. There will be functionality checks and fixes if issues are found with inquiry forms and other aspects. Also, all dead links are removed from your website, which is imperative for SEO.

Installing updates

We install all necessary improvement updates from the software and plugins to ensure that your website's health is not compromised and you don't miss out on the latest features. Bug fixes are done to improve the user experience.

Bigcommerce platform
shopify E-commerce platform

Design and content updates

Our website AMC includes all types of content and design updates from changing a contact number to adding new product info. Whether it is a product page copy update request or banner image update request, we cover it all. You'll get support from our design and content team in adding, editing and updating content whenever required.

Optimising speed

We’ll monitor site speed and fix issues hampering it. Images and database will be optimised and if necessary advanced caching plugins will be installed to improve page load time.

Bigcommerce platform
shopify ecommerce platform

Maintaining backup

Timely backup of your website is taken to rule out the chances of data loss. This includes the entire site files and database. There will be off-site backup for complete peace of mind.

Providing security

Our AMC is a way to secure your website from attackers. We do everything possible to offer you round the clock protection including security updates, strong password reinforcement, 404 detections, malware scan and 2-way authentication, among other methods.

wordpress CMS platform

Website Maintenance Services We Offer

Maintaining a website is a difficult task. It requires a lot of time and effort to keep a website in good shape. That’s why it’s important to have a website maintenance company on your side. As a leading website maintenance company in Dubai, we can assist you with the following tasks:

  • Website Updates & Backups
  • Plugin and Template Updates
  • Database Optimization
  • Performance & SEO Scans
  • Security & Malware Scans
  • Monthly Reporting

Keep your website relevant, modern, secure and ship-shape, always
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For Customers, How You Treat Your Website is a Reflection of How You’ll Treat Them


Maintaining and cultivating your online presence, and ensuring that your customers have a clean, smooth, functioning and modern platform to interact with you and your products and services in a user-friendly environment is critical towards achieving your long term and short term business objectives.

Regular website maintenance and upgrades also help you stay ahead of the competition by enabling you to better connect with your customers by implementing SEO strategies, presenting a more intuitive storefront, and an improved user experience.
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Websites are living organisms that must be nurtured and cared for, and be allowed to evolve in keeping with modern digital trends.

Ignite Your Growth With a Refined, Up-to-date, Modern Digital Presence

  • Adopt and Adapt to New Technologies

    The digital realm is a constantly evolving one, and every year brings a slew of new technologies to the market. Through regular website maintenance, you can make sure that these technologies are integrated into your online presence and that it can deliver the same seamless experience in all environments. It also helps you plug any security holes that might have popped up over time, and could be leaving your vulnerable.
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  • Remain SEO Relevant

    Like technologies, search engines are also constantly changing how they index content and display results, with Google itself releasing over 500 changes to its algorithm every year. Website maintenance can help you adapt your content to these new changes and improve your rankings.

  • Maintain Customer Interest

    What your customers consider high-tech and essential in a website is a factor that keeps changing constantly. Making sure that your website is up-to-date, with new technologies and features, ensures that you will always hold your customers' attention.

  • Brand Value

    Being known as a brand that takes the time and effort to maintain, redesign and secure its website periodically says something about your efficiency as a business.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    You'll find that a major chunk of your competitors will not have the foresight to maintain their online assets and update them regularly. This means that by offering your customers new and relevant technologies and services, you will always remain years ahead of the competition. We can help you out-deliver your competition. Get in touch.

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