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Branded Content

Branding is no more a corny logo or a tacky tagline. It’s an essential part of any business and needed to attract and retain your customers. What is required is unique and superb content. According to eMarketer, a large percent of businesses, i.e. 73% of businesses churn out their own branded content and 41% make use of reviews and other user-generated content. These statistics speak for themselves. Branded content is not something to be ignored but it should be part of the brand strategy.

Branded content opens the doorway to really engage with your customers. It attracts and builds a relationship with an audience who might be your potential customers.

GMI & Branded Content

With 23 Years of experience as the premier digital media agency in the UAE, Middle East and India, we have been writing the digital growth stories of some of the top brands in these regions. Our team of content experts can create highly bespoke and customized content that speaks your brand’s language and help you achieve the goals that you intend your brand to achieve.

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Branded content starts with a deep understanding of who your potential customers are and what they are looking for. This value-added content will make people flock to your website and has the potential to go viral.


Branded Content Services We Offer

Branded content can be anything from eBooks to guides, blogs, videos, webinars or infographics. Branded content creation focuses on creating content that caters to the interests of your target audience. This content can then be shared through email and on social media to attract people to your brand and website. It has been discovered that branded content is one of the most effective marketing strategies for companies in the digital realm.

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No matter what your product is, our agile and adept team of copywriters can churn out engaging content that resonate your brand’s tone of voice and set of values.

Our branded content services will make sure that your audience starts a conversation surrounding your brand. Talk to us today.

Branded content works better than in-your-face brand-driven advertising as it provides content that is beneficial to the audience base.

Branded Content is the Answer for Increased Customer Stickiness

  • Valuable On-Site Content

    Increase customer stickiness with branded content on your website. Your customers will linger on your pages, and get familiar with your brand and what it offers, leading to trust and higher chances of conversions. Build trust and engage your audience. Talk to us.

  • Increased Conversion Potential

    Branded content possesses the ability to engage, inform, help, and add value. You can always speak of your products and services along with this. If done in the right fashion, it can make an immense difference in the number of conversions.

  • Better Brand Reputation

    When you provide helpful and informative content, your brand naturally grows in value.

  • Stronger Customer Ties

    Branded content can strengthen customer bonds with your brand. Customers might even start relying on you for information.

  • Cost Effective Marketing

    Incredibly cost-effective, but with great value addition, it might not yield immediate results, but will reap rewards soon. Effective branded content that keeps your audience coming back for more. Talk to us today.


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